Make Your Website More Inclusive: 4 Tips for Accessibility


The internet is the greatest tool ever created for connecting people and sharing information, but what about people with disabilities? The unfortunate truth is that many websites aren’t particularly accessible to blind or disabled users. If you want your website to reach as wide an audience as possible, you’ll need to learn how to make it more accessible. A digital marketing agency in Trivandrum suggests these tips to do just that.

Use Alternative Text on Images:

Images should be part of your website, but including descriptive text in alt tags is a great way to make them more accessible for people who are visually impaired. Not only does it help visitors with disabilities navigate your site, but it also helps search engines spider your content more effectively.

Just remember that alt text shouldn’t be used as an opportunity to include keywords or lengthy descriptions. Use it to describe what’s on-screen, not how you feel about it. If you want more information on SEO and web accessibility, check out Google’s Webmaster Guidelines page.

Avoid Awkward Colour Combinations:

Colour is a powerful tool, and you can use it to draw attention to important aspects of your site. But while loud colours might stand out at first, they may also irritate users over time. Keep in mind that colour-blindness affects millions of people worldwide, meaning there’s a good chance that some of your users won’t be able to distinguish between two different colours you intended on using together.

For example, bright red text on a green background makes it impossible for many people with red-green colour-blindness to read your content. If you need help in this regard, get the assistance of digital marketing services in Trivandrum.

Create Forms with Accessibility in Mind:

Forms are an essential part of a lot of websites, but many web designers don’t make them accessible. Forms that aren’t fully accessible can make it hard for people with visual impairments and cognitive disabilities to use your website. To ensure that you’re providing your users with an optimal experience, be sure to incorporate accessibility standards into all aspects of your design. For example, forms should have clear labels above or to the side of each field.

Ensure Your Website is Navigable Using Keyboard:

When developing a website, many developers forget to make sure it’s navigable using only your keyboard. According to a digital marketing agency in Trivandrum, navigating with a keyboard is a huge advantage for people with disabilities who cannot use a mouse, or who have impaired hand dexterity. It is also great for people in public places like cafes and libraries, where they don’t want to move their hands from their cup of coffee or book. This will help further improve user experience.

In order to create an effective website, it’s important to make sure that it’s accessible to people with disabilities and impairments. Accessible and user-friendly websites make both users and search engines happy. Talk to a reputable agency specialised in digital marketing in Trivandrum if you have questions.

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