Make Your Wedding a Memorable One at the Sweet Haven Barn in Central Alberta

Venues are a very important part of weddings. Whenever the wedding bells start ringing, the biggest tension which surrounds one’s mind is finding an ideal wedding venue in Alberta.

Sweet Haven Barn is a really exquisite and mind soothing place that is encircled by a splendid country landscape. You can come to this enduring barn, which is far away from the humdrum of the city, and you can put yourself in a completely natural environment.

This perpetual piece of land is situated in the mainstream of Central Alberta. It is a recently built venue that covers 6400 square feet. It is present at a 45 minutes distance from Red Deer and Olds and at a 70 minutes distance from Calgary.

  1. What are the main attractions of this wedding venue?

The barn wedding venue in Central Alberta features the following enchanting places:

  • ceilings that are leapfrog
  • Grand bridal chambers
  • Commodious apartment
  • Graceful candelabrum
  • Wood burning made of brick
  • commercialised kitchen
  • a substantial parking lot
  • RV parking for 25 – 30 units
  • warm retro set burning
  • rich carpentry
  • it also serves a wide range of choices to smoothly raise a party of 200 guests

2. What are the Important aspects while booking this lavish wedding barn?

Each and every different pricing pack of Sweet Haven Barn comprises a 1-hour journey and discussion. As the outcome of uncertain rain, the wedded couples can halt their etiquette in the barn and adjust the ceremonial party and guests.

In addition to the alfresco ceremony expansion, clients can use the venue of the barn for their reception party and dance ball.

These aspects should be known to you that the couples must bring down their own personal:

  • Decorating
  • Wedding Planner
  • Caterer
  • DJ/Music
  • Bartenders
  • Photographer/Videographer

3. Benefits of hosting a Barn wedding.

The most important benefits of hosting a barn wedding are:

  • It has a built-in-entertainment to serve your guests with lawn games
  • It is very peaceful, giving, and mind soothing due to its natural landscape and beauty.
  • It is very spacious and has plenty of rooms and chandeliers
  • Ultimate serenity and people can get mind-blowing pictures
  • You can have a corporate fun by hosting a barbecue party and candlelight dinners
  • In the barn weddings, the guests can come over in any non-stereotypical outfits which make them feel comfortable.


This exotic barn wedding venue in Central Alberta is a place where the newly wedded couples can raise their memorable barn marriages that can carry you from falling in love to creating a life together.

No specific detailing will be overlooked because the ultimate goal is to make any occasion at Sweet Haven Barn a memorable one. For more details regarding available dates and packages, you can visit our website.

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