Make Your Wedding Look Like a “Dreamy Affair” – Here’s A Simple Guide

“Making your wedding look and feel like a “dreamy affair’ can be neck-cracking. But, after reading these guidelines, it’s going to be a cakewalk for you all”!

You fall in love and get married once in your lifetime. Hence, why not make the special day, your wedding, look and feel like a “dreamy fair”?

If you are prepared to make your wedding look and feel “out of the world,” then you need to follow certain guidelines. Wondering, who will help you with the essential guidelines? Well, of course, this article!

Here are some super simple guidelines that you will have to follow to make your venue look drop-dead gorgeous so that it lingers on your invitees’ minds for a long time.

Decide a Theme

Making arrangements for a wedding decor without a theme is like building a house without a foundation. Hence, before you start buying/ordering materials for the decor, make sure you visualize how you want your venue to look like.

Suggestion corner: We suggest you stick to the theme that is trending at the moment, and that is, “Floral Paradise”. The best part is that you hardly need many raw materials to revamp the venue. All you would need is baskets of fresh flowers from a well-known dealer who will provide fresh floras for wedding flower decoration in Kolkata.

Point to remember: While purchasing flowers, make sure you order extra so that you can deck up the cars which you’ll be renting from a luxury car rental in Kolkata (just to make an impression).

List down the Raw Materials

Once you have decided on the wedding theme, it is time to list down all the things that you would require for decorating your venue.

If needed, pay a visit to the venue or the resort that you have booked for the wedding gala. Take a good whole day, check out every nook and corner, visualize the theme decor and then list down the materials. For instance, you may not want the lightings and the floral decor over the ‘Mandap’ to look the same as it will be done at the entrance or maybe the aisle where your husband and you would be walking hand-in-hand after the wedding. So, a site visit is definitely a must.

If you are thinking that the venue owners won’t allow you, then chuck your thought at once! Most of the marriage halls and resorts in Kolkata allow the renters to take a tour of the area anytime they want to.

NOTE: Also, take a look at the sleek car that you have booked from a luxury car rental in Kolkata for your wedding, as you might want to visualize it covered with delicate flowers.

Save Money on Hiring Decorators

Yes, decorators would definitely be able to help you deck up your venue. But remember, they are also going to charge a hefty amount. So, it’s always wise to ditch the plan of hiring a venue decorator. Instead, you may have a word with the vendor who will be providing you flowers and other wedding decors and ask him/her to provide laborers who might lend you a helping hand with the venue decoration, at a cheaper rate.

So, weren’t these guidelines simple? If your answer is yes, then keep following our articles.

Author Bio- Nahali Sen is a travel and lifestyle blogger who owns several resorts in Kolkata and a company that gives luxury car rental in Kolkata. She has written several blogs about wedding planning, especially about wedding flower decoration in Kolkata.

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