Make Your Wedding More Memorable with Authentic Ketubahs

When you and your partner are bound together in holy matrimony, you agree to be with each other in times of happiness and sorrow. The beautiful journey that you embark upon starts with a number of customs and traditional religious practices. Like any other culture, the Jewish culture too is characterized by special wedding rituals that make the ceremony all the more extravagant. The most prominent among these customs is the one where the groom gives to the bride a ketubah. The ketubah is like a Jewish adaptation of the biblical mohar. The intent and purpose of both ketubah and mohar is the same, which says, the groom shall give to the bride a certain sum, often called the ‘bride price’. While the mohar is an immediate payment, ketubah is an agreement for delayed payment to facilitate young men to marry even if they don’t have the designated sum upfront. The amount is paid to the wife when her support from her husband ceases due to the husband’s death or divorce.

Though we have the legal concept of alimony that somewhat resonates with this tradition, thus making ketubah loose almost all of its monetary or legal value. But the significance of a paper cut ketubah in the Jewish tradition is still immense. It is like the first family heirloom for the new couple. The mere promise by the groom to his bride is something that makes a ketubah very special.

No relationship can last long without the promise of trust, love and lifelong support. The ketubah instills that trust and ignites that love in a newlywed couple’s life. The ketubah being a very important part of Jewish culture is a must have in any Jewish wedding ceremony. And with something that holds such extreme cultural value, authenticity is a must. Also with modern times, it is important to have a modern touch to everything traditional. If you too are looking for traditional Jewish ketubahs with a hint of modern touch, you can head straight to Danny Azoulay. Danny is a Jerusalem based artist who can provide you with the best ketubahs that are a perfect blend of the modern with the traditional. Make your marriage all the more memorable with paper cut ketubahs on the finest quality acid-free paper with 24 karat gold leaf embellishments.

About Danny Azoulay:

Danny Azoulay is the finest ketubah artist who runs an online portal from where you can buy ketubah and stay connected to your roots on your wedding.

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