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Tiger renewal, long, Krak, Harris
US Time Monday, Cincinnati Tiger announced that Harris for the long-player Krak-Harris for approximately one year. In addition, they also joined Hardy Nickerson from the training lineup and signed near Tott OrenDoff to the training lineup.

The red scitch will still return after the heavy injury of Abraham
John Abraham is coming back! Arizona Red President Bruce Arians revealed to the media that the team’s external guard will be returned to the team. In the first week of the first week, Abraham is in advance, and is included in the injury list, and even the news he may retire. Cheap nfl jerseys officially reported that this veteran will be returned in training on Wednesday. Once he can start with the union’s brain shock test.

The giant is always talking about the maximum value of the draft selection of the top ten in the top ten, and they don’t even expect such a selection right. The last team has a top ten draft privilege or in 2004, when they got four-point Wei Wile Manning on the day of the draft date.

On Tuesday, Abraham told Arreon that he had no heart to continue the game. Steve Kem (Steve Keim), General Manager of the Rock, said: Abraham tells us that he takes time to consider his future. At present, both parties have got the results they want. This season, Abraham’s salary is $ 2.5 million. As Darnell Dockett and Darly Washington have bid farewell to this season, Abraham needs to bear heavier responsibilities for the team.

Shazore said: “I still have the heart of the celebrities, I still want to be the best line guards of cheap nfl jerseys. I will not give up my own goals, don’t let me not give up. I will continue to work hard, I hope to be as soon as possible return.”

General Manager of Giants: Can’t put all the hopes in Cruz
Jerry Reese, General Manager, New York, Knowing the Equipment Victor Cruz is doing the right thing in the recovery of the tumor torn of the tibia from last season, but the next season is completely expected to be responsible.

The red scitch has agreed to the most comprehensive defensive defender with the alliance, and the contract was 5 years, a value of 62.5 million US dollars, including 40 million US guarantee income, with an average annual salary of more than $ 12 million.

Matthew was one of the most worthy of players last year. In the fifteenth week, he suffered from the knee cross ligament torn, he would have hope that he would have to achieve the best defensive player.

It is possible to serve as a guard and strong guard, a slot, and even the outer sanquen-owned Matthew can be able to pay close to the end of the end, the speed type, and the shock attack. As of the medium term last season, he was compared to the future of the famous Hall of Fame and the Future Famous Members of the Future, and the Troy Polamalu.

After joining the tiger 2009.10.13, it is counted in the playoffs, Harris has already played 131 games for the Tiger. He is only absent from the injury in 2016. He took place to participate in the 1192 special group to win, and contribute to the Tiger 28 times.

This problem is the first series of issues that throwing this giant’s general manager to pick up a series of issues that may be selected. The team placed the star outside of the star, Odell Beckham. This year, this year is also considered a lot of talents.

“When a player suffers from severe injuries like Victor, you can’t put all the hopes in him,” Lisse said. “Our doctor said that he seems very well, I saw him training together in the gym and our doctor, he looked very well. But he rely on the speed in the game until he played, you will never know him. What is recovery from such a serious injury.

What about his opinion? “We will upgrade the external walking position,” he said. “We will also work hard to upgrade this location. If Victor is returned, we also have Odel and Lu Ben (Rates,” but if there is an excellent external hand, we will pick him. ”

& gt; & gt; & gt; defensive angle
In this game, the performance of Texas Horn is relatively good, including three corner Wei Yipph, Johnson, Jackson, and professional rugby focus website (PFF) gave them more than 80 rating. Old, Joseph, 8 times of anti-biography, only twice successfully brought the ball, effectively limited the crow speed type external hand Mac – Wallace’s attack & mdash; & mdash; 4 times to protect Warah only released a successful boller 24 yards And the corner Johnson completed the highest number of hugs in the whole team.

It seems that the Texas has a good performance in addition to quadruptions. Although the team entered the playoffs this season, it is good to have a hopes in the fans, looking forward to Watson next season, re-lead the team back to the right track of winning the win.
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7 years ago[Texas People News Express] Lost Winning is a quadrant
Texas people and crows have been launched after 2 minutes of official newspaper in the second half, but the way to kill scores, let Texas people will be difficult to accept & mdash; & mdash; know that Savich will send out the ball. Right to transform, but should not be on this bones. More conspicuous, the last moment Savich’s drop, let the Texas lose the opportunity to win the reversal competition; then then Savich’s pass is copied, let Texas have a chance They have lost. Ok, in addition to Saviqi, Texas has excellent players on both ends of the offensive and defense. It seems that as long as the Savichi, Texas is closer to the goal of winning.

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