Making bariatric home-friendly using Buttress Toilet Support and similar products

If you are looking for an older adult who is obese or any larger than normal patient, you need specific accessories to bring the most suitable results for your home. Surely, you need accessories that are stronger, wider, and possibly taller than the standard versions available in your existing home design to keep your loved one safe and secure.

Using Buttress Toilet Support or similar products is a good idea for large people. This is because the standard toilet design caters to merely a specific weight limit, yet using the above-mentioned products, the toilet’s weight-bearing capacity may be boosted by 1200 lb! All this without any major renovation or transformation process.

Using the right bariatric toilet support devices and accessories

Using alternatives like High Capacity Step Stool, raised toilet seats, etc., is a good idea as these aid in the cleanliness and hygiene needs of overly obese patients and help them attain a sense of independence that can boost their self-confidence.

Considering the growing number of obese people in the nation, alternatives like Buttress Toilet Support can be a game-changing factor. The same can also be used in commercial establishments or recreational facilities to boost such patients’ needs and cater to a wider audience base. These products are significant from the marketing viewpoint and due to the social impact of these products. As an organization, it is important to understand and cater to all sections of society’s needs, and hence, a preemptive approach to the problem will be quite a welcome step.

The issues with your standard version of the toilet seat

Using High Capacity Step Stool, raised toilet seats, etc., is necessary for many obese patients. This is because the standard versions of the toilet seat are not conducive to those with large frames or those with limited mobility. As a result, such individuals feel that their toilet is either too small or cannot bear their weight, and maybe a disaster is happening.

Bariatric toilet support services’ major brands often come with a weight-bearing capacity of 800-1200 lbs. Furthermore, these may add 2.5 inches to the existing toilet seats and help your patient with his hygiene needs without any external aid. Using grab bars nearby can be another significant step in the direction. However, if your patient is aged, frail, and bariatric, they may need products that may raise their toilet seats by 4-6 inches. In such a case, you may need to invest in the bariatric commode that may bring in suitable results for your needs and help your patient attain the best results.

It is seen that unlike the raised toilet seats, these commodes can accommodate patients who have larger hips and need a raise of 28 inches from the floor instead of the usual 6 inches offered by other alternatives. These come with an armrest that helps the patient boost, lower or take off the caregiver’s burden to a larger extent.

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