Making Indian Businesses Global Through the Services of The Best Logistics Parks

Indian news articles have mentioned the creation of many multimodal logistics parks in the last few years. Logistics parks bring together office buildings, prefabricated and custom warehouses, computer centers, gasoline pumps, transportation terminals, labor hostels, retail establishments, customs houses, and other services for ease of business. Real estate in these parks is available by paying a lease. These parks are ideal for businesses to deliver products and services to clients on time.


Which Are The Best Places For Logistics Parks?


The development of logistics parks near seaports facilitates, accelerates, and reduces the cost of receiving and transporting commodities. When the top logistics park in India is set up close to the city’s airport, it is easier to obtain imported and exported commodities. Less distance to railroads and highways encourage land mobility. The parks have great locations in cities like Bangalore and Chennai.





Increasing Business in Global Regions


International markets typically demand products with unique designs and dimensions, which results in the requirement of quick transportation, distribution, and storage costs. A well-known logistics parks company in India can support quick market expansion abroad. By renting a piece of the logistics park area, a business may fulfill its objective of selling to places like South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.


Master Plan for Gati Shakti: Moving in the Right Direction


Building multimodal logistics parks and fusing rails with urban transit are government initiatives that will help the warehousing sector expand. Institutional investors will make large investments in these parks. The Gati Shakti Master Plan for expressways and cargo ports has already been put into action by the Indian government. Companies can anticipate that this approach will lessen construction delays brought on by errors in infrastructure micro-planning and micro-implementation.


Regular logistic parks are upgraded with various value-added services and stronger rail and road transportation infrastructure to produce multimodal logistic parks. The benefits that these parks provide include:


  • Less vehicular congestion and pollution, leading to better road conditions for all
  • One Window Services
  • Excellent Security Systems for Goods
  • Reduction in Freight Costs
  • Low Warehousing Costs
  • 24/7 Services
  • Enhanced Track-ability and Traceability of Transport Consignments


The Rise of Warehousing in India


For businesses that produce, export, import, or physically move goods, warehousing is a crucial link in the supply chain. Simple stock storage spaces and inexpensive godowns have given way to sophisticated buildings with climate control, insulation, monitoring, ventilation, standard safety regulations, and IT infrastructure. The industry has changed from being mostly unorganized and asset-heavy to becoming an organized corporation with top-notch infrastructure. Evolution has been made feasible by the quick development of the e-commerce, medicinal, and industrial sectors. Increased institutional investment and more benevolent government policies have also contributed to the surge.


COVID-19 has caused a significant and long-lasting shift in consumer behavior towards routine purchases, with the majority of consumers choosing to make their purchases online. More logistical infrastructure was needed to transfer the items following internet purchases.






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