Making legal writing “more betterer”

Recently the Consultwebs legal marketing podcast, LAWsome, met up with Ross Guberman, legal writing scholar and creator of the legal composition and editing software, BriefCatch, to discuss legal writing, legal tech, and a few tips lawyers can use right now to improve the clarity of their legal writing.

We hope you enjoy this sample of the interview and you can listen to the full episode on The LAWsome Podcast website.

Jake: So Legal Writing Pro, BriefCatch, explain what it is, why you made it, and what the response has been from the community of your users?

Ross: So Legal Writing Pro came first. BriefCatch was much later in the story and the Legal Writing Pro grew a little bit organically and a little slowly when I decided to venture out into the law firm in general, legal education world. So Legal Writing Pro is sort of a holding company, you might call it for workshops that I’ve done for various audiences, mainly lawyers, sometimes judges, sometimes business people.

And I also have some e-learning products, and coaching products, and assessment products, too, and books, and toolkits, and manuals, and some online tools. And then much more recently, I launched BriefCatch and got into the software and add-on world as you mentioned. And that’s been something that’s been…I’ve been passionate about for the last few years, but it launched just a year ago. So I’m doing a lot more of a software now and a little bit less with all the live workshops and other formal training modes.

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