Mammoth Tusk Found 10,000 Feet Under the Sea

You can expect the unexpected to happen whenever you are exploring the seas. Scientists found a mammoth’s tusk 10,000 feet under the sea.

In the depths of vast oceans, nobody can think what they will find while excavating. The deep-sea mystery is still not solved as new things always appear in any explorations done. Never-seen-before animals and the unprecedented behaviour of the sea has boggled the mind of scientists for years now.

The deep and dark sea is filled with unknown species of flora and fauna. Alien animals can be found in the depth of the vast ocean by researchers.

However, marine scientists were not expecting to find a tusk from an ancient mammoth, 10,000 feet beneath the ocean’s surface. The tusk is 3-foot long and belongs to an extinct mammoth thousand of years ago.

The specimen was collected from the California coast by the researchers in July 2021.

Giant mammoths, known as Columbian Mammoths, were the ice age mammals that roamed the land of California around 11,000 years ago. Well-preserved bones of different animals are still being pulled out from the tar by palaeontologists in Los Angeles.

How a tusk found its way into the ocean, this deep remains a mystery. It is believed that land-dwelling creatures like mammoths could have washed off into the deep ocean by great floods.

The intense cold temperatures and pressure of the sea excellently preserved this tusk. The research team, who found the tusk, plans to scrutinise the fossil to find out about the creature’s age. It can be more than 100,000 years old, as suspected by the researchers.

Mammoth palaeontologist Daniel Fisher said, “This specimen’s deep-sea preservational environment is different from almost anything we have seen elsewhere.” in a statement. He said that most mammoths are found in much shallower waters, just about tens of meters in the ocean.

Alan Leonardi had already stated, “We know so little about the deep ocean that pretty much anyone can find something new if they were doing something unique down there.”

Deep-sea scientists know, the more they dwell deeper into the dark depths of the ocean, they will be stunned by the findings that lie beneath.


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