Managed Information Technology Deployment without any of the Annoyances

IT Infrastructure Deployment simplifies the infrastructure deployment of software components to a great number of target computers within a varied enterprise and eliminates the need for a manager to manually log on, transfer installation images, run the installation procedure, and monitor the results of the installation on every target computer in turn. From on-site audits to full rollouts, deployments, or IT relocations, we are a global partner for large-scale IT Infrastructure Deployment.

Save all the internal resources for other value-added projects

Staging, storing, imaging, asset tagging & loading applications for large deployments can be an important drain on internal IT resources. They are labor-intensive. They are financially draining and time-consuming when it is run by your in-house team. It is before considering the opportunity prices of the projects your internal team is not working on while executing an IT infrastructure deployment.

We offer a range of IT Infrastructure Deployment services to support the team and deliver results that are as well-organized as they should be.

Our Hands-on IT deployment & infrastructure

Storage & inventory management

You can leverage the global network and work with people who think & operate the same way you do. This lets you take advantage of cost efficiencies by buffering the stock, ready to fit with your pre-planned agenda or rollout on demand.

Managed deployment

Installing new IT Infrastructure Deployment from the data center to client assets without cooperating operations takes an expert team. Our customers can take advantage of our staging & configuration centers. We can network & stage both enterprise & PC machines at scale.

Large-scale IT transfers

This service includes full disconnection & reconnection of devices, de-racking process and re-racking of servers and the infrastructure, management of all internal staff moves and changes & secure packaging and transport. We have the team to do it safely including all the vehicles, and equipment that is required.

First, the physical location of your assets is established & recorded. We then audit the whole thing to identify refresh cycles & potential like-for-like replacement, redeployment & resale opportunities. We work to analyze the IT Infrastructure Deployment & make recommendations.

Refresh planning & project management

We find the most effective approach to manage installation timetables. We manage the project resources & personnel, create schedules, connect the plans and provide change management services too.


Industry-leading IT Infrastructure Deployment proficiency by your side

Imaging, asset tagging, configuration process, warehousing, desktop set up & more are done by us. Our team works with the biggest companies and is used to working across numerous sites, across multiple borders. We have teams that are based all around the globe and our teams are renowned for our levels of customer care and the highest levels of compliance.

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