Managed Services – What’s The Entire Buzz About?

In the last few years, the buzz in the IT industry has been managed services. It also seems like this word keeps changing meaning from person to person seeing as it has no definite meaning even in the dictionary. Now, free your mind of any preconceptions for the sake of this discussion. The definition that we’ll use is: any set of defined proactive services delivered for an ongoing period and require prepayment.

Digest this for a minute. When using “any” the emphasis is that the deliverables being offered are not only limited to It services or network monitoring. Service providers, co location facilities and hardware vendors may all make use of this term while describing their services or products.

Focus on the remaining parts of the definition, “remotely delivered” “ongoing basis” and even “require prepayment.” Understanding the above terms as one who offers SMB helps one appreciate ways in which they can increase the utilization of their engineers, technicians and even revenue opportunities.

Benefits of Managed Services:

Benefits of using managed services Lexington KY are numerous. First and foremost, the more you are able to deliver your services using remote methods, the fewer times you actually require scheduling visits to the actual site and it increases the ability for you to maximize workforce utilization and earning potential. When you get new clients while adjusting existing ones to the annuity based model of service every month, it helps one avoid the cycles of feast or famine that are dreaded and recognize a significant growth in revenue.

All this sounds great thus far right? Now that delivery of services is via remote methods which helps reduce the amount of travel time that would be needed for site support, allowing you not to exchange time for money, it is possible that you can accomplish a lot with less. Travel is one of the greatest utilization killers. In the local market, workers like technicians end up losing an hour when traveling each way to offer site support. Also note that once the technician gets to the site, they may then only focus on solving issues for just one client.

Using the same example, let’s see how it works via this managed services method. A technician does not have to get into their car and physically get to the site, instead they use an application so that they are able to get access to their client’s servers or their end user desktops remotely then initiate a troubleshooting or maintenance session. If it’s just an optimization or even clean up problem, the technician can then address multiple problems for that client seeing as there is not much they can do while scans are in progress.

It is possible to address many issues for various clients in concurrent sessions that are remote. Managed it services Lexington KY are a great tool for utilization as it increases it which would be difficult with onsite support. Take note that not every problem can be solved remotely however, if 80% or even more are capable of solving, one has the ability to save very significant costs and improve one’s bottom line.

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