Managing Diabetes – Food And Other Changes To Make

Did you know that diabetes is a disorder and not a disease? Well, this brings positive news that managing Diabetes through food and other changes to make can eliminate the further risks. Working on healthy body weight to keep a check on sugar levels is the primary approach to managing diabetes. Unfortunately, a very large population in the USA has type 2 diabetes. The best approach to living a healthy life with diabetes is planning what you eat every time. Let’s take a better look at how you can do this:

According to the ADA (American Diabetes Association), you must plan your meals on an everyday basis-

• Reduce the calorie intake by 500 from your daily meal.
• Welcome a new balanced diet that is a healthy mix of nutrients.
• Limit the fat intake from your diet. Fat means saturated fat which is the unhealthiest form of the nutrient.
• Consume starches and sugars that take a longer time for digestion these are complex carbohydrates.
• Plan your meals that include 50% of the calories from fresh vegetables, grains, legumes, and lentils.

Once you know how to plan your diet it is important to know what to eat and how to eat. So, here are the top tips to manage diabetes with diet.

1. Choose healthy carbohydrates: All carbs are blood glucose regulators and therefore, it is important to know what the healthier options are. Try whole grains like brown rice, buckwheat, and oats over white rice and white flour. Avoid processed cereals and food that is low on fiber. Try including – fruit, vegetables, pulses, and unsweetened dairy in your every meal.
2. Reduce salt: With diabetes, also leads to other health issues like high blood pressure and heart problems. The best solution to this is the reduction of salt intake. Try to limit your daily intake to 6gms which is one teaspoon. Check for the labels before binging on packet chips and snacks. You can always add other flavors and seasonings that are healthier than salt for your meals.
3. Cut on red/processed meat: Going vegetarian may not be the option for you but, you must reduce the intake of red meat and recessed forms of meat like ham, bacon ad sausages. Try to switch to pulses, eggs, fish, chicken, turkey, and unsalted nuts for meals.
4. Consume fruit and salad: You must replace your four o’clock snack craving with healthy-cut fruits or a bowl of salad. You get natural sugars from fruit that can help you with your energy levels before dinner.
5. Check fat intake: Reduce the intake of oily and fatty food and switch to boiled, sauteed, and roasted options of cooking. You can always have a tasty and healthy meal if you cook it in a healthier way.
6. Decrease extra sugar: You must keep a check on your direct and indirect sugar intake. Switch to sugar-free beverages, plain milk, and fruit juices that are healthier options for sweets.
7. Consume alcohol in moderation: Alcohol contains high calories are also put pressure on the kidneys the best way to regulate your diet is by drinking alcohol more sensibly.

Conclusion: You must also, include exercise like walking, jogging and swimming to stay healthy and fit. is a website that publishes information specifically focused on helping people to make right choices in their every day challenges. Living Smartly writes practical health articles like tomato and spinach side effects and provides smart tips & insights that covers all aspects of daily living such as health, philosophy, social skills, technology, wellness, south indian diabetic plan etc.

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