Manali: Valley of the Gods | A Complete Travel Guide

Manali, nestled in the hills of the Himalayas, is a charming little town. The town is a beautiful place to escape the hustle and bustle of cities. It is approximately 270 km from Shimla state capital and 544km from Delhi national capital.


Manali is located north of the Kullu Valley. It was formed by the Beas River into a fertile basin. The region was once a trading centre, but it has since become a prosperous community. It is the beginning point of an ancient trade route that crosses the Karakoram Pass. This passes through Lahaul, Ladakh and ends in Yarkand, Hotan, in the Tarim Basin, China. It also acts as an entry point to the Spiti and Lahaul districts, and Leh city in Ladakh.


Manali’s history dates back to the Vedic era. Manu, the archetypal Hindu man, is the town’s name. Manali, a combination of Alaya and Manu, is translated as “the abode” of Manu. Manu is believed to have resurrected human life after the great flooding. Here is an old temple dedicated to Manu. Manali package is situated in the Kullu Valley. This valley is often called the Valley of the Gods because of its association with mythological stories about ancient Hindu gods. Evidence of this can be seen in the temples and shrines.

Manali’s best time to visit

This area has classic mountain weather with cold winters and warm summers. Between July and September, heavy rains and floods cause landslides, roadblocks, and flooding in the region. You can visit Manali in either summer or winter, depending on what your travel goals are. The best time to visit Manali is between December and February if you are looking to witness snowfall. If you want to do outdoor activities and enjoy snowfall, then the winter months between December and February are the best. You should check the forecast before you travel as snowfall times can change from year to year.

ManaliBy Train: How do you get there?

Manali has no direct train services. Kalka, located near Shimla and approximately 280 km away, is the nearest railway station. To reach Manali, you will need to take the Kalka bus or rent an auto. You can also take the single-gauge train from Kalka, Simla or Shimla. From Shimla, you can either take the local bus to Manali or rent a vehicle.

By road

Manali is easily accessible by road from all parts of Himachal Pradesh, including Bilaspur and Sundernagar. Manali can also be reached via NH21 from nearby cities such as Chandigarh and Delhi. via NH 1. These cities have regular buses that take you to Manali. Renting a car, or hiring a cab in Delhi and driving to Manali is the best option.

Manali’s top tourist spots

It is a paradise for tourists, offering a variety of adventure opportunities, natural beauty and ethnic flavours. These are the top places to see in Manali.

  • Hadimba Temple – The temple, built in the 15th century, is situated within a pine forest. It is dedicated to Hadimba (a local deity) who is also an important character in the epic Mahabharata. Native festivals are also held at the temple to celebrate her power.
  • Manali Gompa: These monasteries, which reflect the Tibetan influence in the local culture, are one of the most popular places to visit. The Manali Tour Package Gompa is by far the most famous and beloved of all. A complete monastery tour can be completed by visiting Gadhan Tchoking Gompa or the Himalayan Nyingamapa Gompa.
  • Vashist Temple and Hot Springs-This tourist spot is well-known for its natural and religious significance. This temple, an ancient pilgrimage site, houses a natural hot spring. People flock to the spring for healing and medicinal purposes. It is rich in glacial minerals and holy.
  • Van Vihar – A small park with lush greenery and tall alpine trees in the heart of the city. The small lake is surrounded by pine groves and cedar trees. Visitors can boat on it.
  • Mall Road – This is the busiest and most important commercial area in the town. It’s lined with restaurants, cafes, bars, and shops making it a popular place to shop, eat, or simply explore on foot.

Things to Do in Manali

There are many options for Manali trip that go beyond the tourist spots. You can enjoy exciting activities and live in the city like a local for a full vacation. You can have adventures, sightseeing, and much more while on a vacation package.

  • Manali trekking is a wonderful way to see the Himalayan valleys and hills. It is a hub for many of the most popular trek routes, including the Chandrakhani Trek and Chandrakhani Treks, Hampta Pass Treks, Deo Tibba Treks, Kheerganga Treks, and the Beas Kund Trek.
  • Camping is a great option. This is one of the most amazing experiences you can have. Camping is possible at the lakes, alpine meadows and pine forests as well as near the base of the snowy mountains. Some of the most picturesque camping spots include Tirthan Valley and Solang Valley, Sarai, Bhuntar and Kothi Village.
  • The Rohtang Pass is a legendary mountain pass that can be climbed or driven. It connects Kullu Valley with Lahaul Valley and Spiti Valleys. This road offers breathtaking views of the Pir Panjal Range’s snow capped peaks as well as the slopes.
  • Solang Valley is the perfect place to enjoy adventure sports. Solang Valley, located 12 km north of the town, is the best place to enjoy mountain sports. You can choose to ski, paraglide, snowboard, ride a cable car, or snow sledging depending on the season.
  • Take a stroll through the streets at night to find cafe/pub hopping. It is a vibrant and mystical place with a mix of local and international people. You can also shop at the flea markets and ethnic bazaars for souvenirs, trinkets, and other keepsakes that you can take home.


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