Manual for the most effective vertical fabric cutting machine

Here is the detailed manual of the vertical fabric cutter with the following notes:
– Use your dominant hand to hold the handle of the vertical cutter. Most fabric cutting machines today have insulated handles to ensure absolute safety and extremely fit. Usually operators use their right hand to handle the handle.

– Loosen and handle as natural as possible, need to move gently and flexibly, limit jerky or synchronous speed to avoid cutting or creasing fabric. Minimize the case of harsh hands or jerking the fabric during the cutting process.
– Draw the exact cut pattern to put into the machine, confirm the fabric to be cut to decide the quantity for one cut.

– With the capacity of machines and blades of vertical fabric cutting machines such as Eastman or Kaisiman, it is quite easy to cut a large amount at once. However, in fact, it should be considered because for thick and difficult fabrics such as jeans and leather, cut in small quantities to avoid chewing fabric and loosening the blade …



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