Manual Handling Training – All That You Need to Know

Have you heard the term manual handling or manual handling training? Well, whether you are an employer or an employee, we are sure, you must have surely heard about the same. However, for those who have a slight idea about the same but want to dig deeper, let us tell you that you have landed at the right place! This article will give you a quick idea about manual handling and manual handling training and we are sure, by the time you reach the end of the write-up, you will be equipped with all the basic yet important information about our main topic – manual handling training.

What is manual handling?

Manual handling is the term used for the manual handling of the load (various items, people and animals as well). Be it about putting down the load or lifting the same, pushing the load or pulling it, moving the load or carrying it, we all use our body force or the hand. The important point is that the term load should be understood well in reference to manual handling. Here, the load is not just the boxes, containers, machines, equipment, etc., but it also covers animals as well as people. You must have definitely seen the manual handling trainers in form of health workers etc., who help patients with their movements and other needs.

What is manual handling training?

Just as the name suggests, manual handling training refers to professional training where the persons are trained and equipped with all essential and expert knowledge on manual handling. It is also worth mentioning that manual handling training is a legal requirement at any workplace that requires the workers or staff to do any sort of pushing, pulling, lifting, etc that involves any sort of risk. It is the duty of employers, organisations and companies to train their workers with manual handling so that they remain safe and protected while they work and accomplish various tasks. Be it the restraining, holding or throwing of items, manual handling covers diverse activities besides pushing, pulling, holding, handling and lifting loads.

Manual handling training – The chief objectives

Manual handling covers a wide array of activities. It does not only train people on how to handle, carry, push, pull and hold various items at the workplace, but it also provides knowledge about the probable dangers or risks involved in such tasks. Given below are the main objectives of manual handling training:

  • Evaluating the related risks or dangers of the workplace
  • Enhancing the safety and protection of workers and staff at the workplace
  • Recommendations of preventive measures to enhance safety at the workplace
  • Handling loads with care and safety minimising the risks and dangers
  • Explaining the different techniques and concepts that ensure proper and safe manual handling

We are sure that now you must be quite clear about the significance of manual handling training. It is indeed a legal requirement at workplaces. To ensure the protection and safety of your workers, you must hire professionals in manual handling training so that they can train your workers in the right way.

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