Many contemporary western movies have deeply explored this type of humanistic elements

Although today’s film field seems to be full of superhero films and biographies, western movies are still one of the most prolific film types. In the early days of this genre, the plot, theme and theme were somewhat formulaic. But modern western movies have reinvented or expanded the usual metaphor. Using thoughtful cinematography, unique special effects and meticulous scripts, today’s western movies have opened up a new and innovative space in this type.

Many contemporary western movies have deeply explored this type of humanistic elements. As the film shows Western life from a female perspective (Emma Tammy’s “wind”), and even from the experience of a real Mustang rider (Chlo é Zhao’s “Rider”), contemporary filmmakers are broadening what we once thought was the main content of western films.

Go on and see if your favorite western movies of the decade are on the list.

Knight (2017)

-Director: Chlo é Zhao

– running time: 104 minutes

The number one western movie in the past decade is Chlo é Zhao’s 2017 film “Thunderbolt Ranger”. It tells the story of Mustang riders in North Dakota. The actors are played by real riders in this fictional documentary. This open-ended story tells the real risks faced by drivers and how they accept their death. The story asks the audience to think about the significance of chasing dreams and preserving life.

Hell and climax (2016)

-Director: David Mackenzie

– Runtime: 102 minutes

David Mackenzie’s movie hell or climax, starring Jeff Bridges, takes place in desolate West Texas. The film of police and robbers tells the story of a pair of brothers robbing a bank in the early morning. When their plans began to spread across the town, a Texas mounted policeman was sent to hunt them down. The film is intertwined with classic Western metaphors, including the background and theme of moral ambiguity and redemption.

Sweet country (2017)

Director: Warwick Thornton

– running time: 113 minutes

The Western sweet country directed by Australian director Warwick Thornton is set in the northern territory of Australia in the 1920s. The story is about an old Aboriginal farm worker who shot and killed a white man in self-defense and found himself a hunted man. The classic western’s plot of chasing fugitives is highlighted by the performance of non professional indigenous actors and beautiful scenery.

Docile deadline (2010)

-Director: Kelly Reichardt

– running time: 104 minutes

Kelly Reichardt’s slow burning western film tells the story of a group of settlers and their guides in trouble during their journey through Oregon Territory in 1845. In a difficult environment, their resources are rapidly disappearing. The cast includes Michelle Williams, Zoe Kazan and Shirley Henderson. The film revolves around the myth of the West and the cruel reality of arriving there.

Aferim ! (2015)

-Director: Radu Jude

– running time: 108 minutes

Radu Jude’s film aferim (Ottoman Turkish means “great!”) It is a western film about chasing fugitives in Romania in the 19th century. When a gypsy slave eloped with the wife of an aristocrat, a policeman was hired to hunt him down. This Soviet era horse drama, shot in black and white, has all the characteristics of a classic western.

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