Mardome Rooflights Mentioned in Architectural Digest

Mardome Rooflights are designed to blend seamlessly into the roofline, focusing on soft curves and not so much straight lines. This is a feature that you can find in any home with an arched or curved roofline. As part of the Mardome collection from Mardomain, these fixtures are perfect for highlighting your unique architecture.

Purpose of Mardome Rooflights

Mardome Rooflights are most notably mentioned in the October issue of Architectural Digest, which features a home designed by David Mardome and his wife, Lise. The Mardomes’ home is located in Malibu, California and includes a number of unique features, including the use of Mardome Rooflight.

Mardomes Rooflights are essentially solariums that can be opened to provide natural light and ventilation to the interior spaces below. In addition to their use in residential applications, Mardome Rooflights have been used in commercial settings for years due to their versatility and practicality. Architects are increasingly incorporating them into their designs, as they offer a unique way of enhancing an interior space while also reducing energy costs.

How Mardome Rooflights are Constructed

Mardome Rooflights are constructed out of a variety of different materials, but the most common is metal. The rooflights are then covered in a plastic or fiberglass shell, which helps to keep the lights weather-resistant. Mardome also uses LED technology, which makes them one of the most sustainable options when it comes to rooflights.

Benefits of Mardomes

Mardomes are a unique type of rooflight that allow for an abundance of natural light into any space. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be installed on both commercial and residential properties. In addition to their aesthetic value, mardomes provide several benefits that make them an attractive option for rooflights.

First, mardomes are energy-efficient. They use less electricity than other types of rooflights, which helps save money on your utility bills.

Second, mardomes provide natural light. This is important because it can improve the overall quality of life for residents in a building by providing comfortable lighting in areas where there was previously limited access to sunlight.

Finally, mardomes are customizable. This means that you can choose the shape and size of your mardome to fit your specific needs. This makes them a versatile option for both commercial and residential properties alike

What are the Potential Problems with Mardomes

There are a few potential problems with mardomes. One is that they can be difficult to install, as they need to be suspended from the roof and secured in place. Additionally, mardomes can be susceptible to damage from weather. Finally, mardomes can result in a decrease in air circulation, which could lead to moisture accumulation and mold growth.


Mardome Rooflights are a new type of light fixture that was mentioned in issue of Architectural Digest. They are designed to be mounted on roofs, or other elevated surfaces, and provide a dramatic look to a building or landscape. The fixtures can be controlled using an app or a remote, and come in a variety of colors and designs.

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