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A company offering market research services to clients, comprising a group of researchers and an administrative infrastructure. An agency may offer qualitative research, quantitative research, or both, increasingly supplemented by consultancy services, workshop facilitation and so on. Marketing  Agencies vary in size from one or two individuals to several hundred people, though qualitative specialist agencies tend to be at the smaller end of this range.

There are main three types of marketing agencies

  • Field Service Market Research Agencies

These market research company and marketing agencies in pune conduct research with the target audience. They ask participants specific questions via interviews, focus groups, observation, surveys, and so on. The “Field” refers to being the ones that are out actually engaging respondents and collecting data.  Also knows as fieldwork firms, these companies are often hired by other market researchers that already have a designed study to be the ones that actually get answers from people.  Then depending on the service relationship the field service passes data back for the researcher to analyze and draw insights from.

  • Intercept and Mystery Shopper Market Research Agencies

These agencies are specialized field service firms that collect data in consumer markets at the ground level. The primary difference is that these firms specialize in face-to-face interaction with respondents for intercepts or even research through actually having experiences through mystery shopping.

If your research objective is best achieved by getting in-the-moment reaction from consumers or you want to measure actual customer experience across locations seeking out a firm with this specialty is absolutely necessary.  There are increasingly usable online intercept tools with mobile and beacon technologies that many of these agencies have evolved to offering in order to stay competitive in our increasingly digital world.

  • Full Service Market Research Agencies

These agencies provide end-to-end customized market research services, which can include: identifying the marketing problemas well as retail marketing to be solved, determining the optimal research design, preparing instruments and methods (typically a blend of online and offline tactics that may include those noted above), sampling, data collection, analysis and reporting.

Full service research firms are trending increasingly towards assisting businesses with implementation of the insights gathered because of the demand for actionable research outcomes.  This begins to make them appear more and more as consultants who use market research as a foundation for everything that they do.

          Additional Support: Research Producers and Research Consultants

In addition to the market research agencies highlighted above, there are also firms that sell reports that contain research. This may be to support a social research mission or more often is a service product offering from full service marketing  agencies.  You can call it syndicated, subscription, or other names.  In addition to custom market research done specifically to achieve research objectives for one company, there are industry and target audience specific research that does not have one specific sponsor and is done and sold back to people with interest on the topic and outcomes.

Market research consultants can also be a part of the puzzle. Whether as an independent or part of a small partnership, many passionate research professionals pursue an entrepreneurial endeavor that allows them to stay involved beginning to end with a customer.

Marketing Agencies

What is Marketing Agencies

Marketing agencies, also called marketing firms or marketing companies, help clients implement and manage marketing strategies to achieve their business goals.Here’s an overview of what a marketing agency will do for your business:

  • Identify valuable marketing strategies:Marketing agencies work with clients to pinpoint marketing strategies that will drive the best business results and maximize return on investment (ROI).
  • Implement marketing solutions:Marketing agencies execute and manage marketing campaigns for clients.
  • Evaluate marketing results:Marketing agencies monitor marketing efforts and use data to improve campaign results.

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