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Abandon the kick, should pick up the ball and attack as much number as possible. If there is no confidence to be stable, try to stay away from the opponent by the opponent by the opponent. If the other party has been close to the ball before the ball, it is best to make a gesture for safety.

Before the start of this season, the goal of cowboy is to impact the super bowl. However, with the injury, the team suffered from the victim, the team’s hopes was very embarrassed. However, it is optimistic that the team is still complete in a critical position. Bryant will be healthier, new Show Human La Rus (La & Rsquo; El Collins) is still in progress, Jerry Jones has more time to think about the contract of players.

Corner Wei Leon-Hall has received back surgery during the offset season
This year’s 31-year-old corner-Hall is the largest angle guard at the current free player market, but it is puzzling that the free player market has been opened for more than a month, but Hall has not been able to Finding new east, visiting Dallas Cowboy and Arizona has no agreement, which makes people can’t help but guess the hidden love. Recently, the Tiger Related Media Man Dai Fu-Ramam (Dave Lapham) revealed that Hall received back surgery shortly after the end of the season, to repair the injured intervertebral discs, which may be other teams to wait and see The main reason.

Carolina Black Leopard or will face the first four-point guard choice
In the London match for Tampawan Pirates, Kyle Allen has served as the first quarter of the Karolina Black Leopard. But after this game, who will serve as the black panther’s first quarter-off is a topic worthy of attention.

Previously, Jones had expressed the dissatisfaction with the Subtail four-point guard, and Brandon Weeden was swept away. It is foreseeable that the cowboy will be in the end of this season, or in the free market, or through the draft, find a trusted substitute quarter-off with the minimum price. Of course, more importantly, Romo needs to do its best to keep health.

Cowboy announces the reimbursement of Romo chalet
Dallas Cowboy 4 points Tony Romo was in advance in advance with the Carolina Black Panther. According to the reporter of wholesale nfl jerseys official website, Romo hub fracture will end the 2015 season in advance. Cowboy adds four points to Kellen Moore to enter 53 people’s list, Matt Cassel, becomes award.

This week’s pony will challenge Denver Yam, Pagano will join hands to the Turkinsky Challenge Alliance’s highest level of defense. Since the season, no matter whether the pony is still in Rac, there is no performance in the expected performance, this week will be the best opportunity to prove its best.

After two consecutive defeated, the black panther, which is now gains, to carefully consider who serves the first quarter. They know that the outside world is discussing this, so they are currently unwilling to publicly express. Before Newton returns to training, they will continue to act as planned.

The black panther is now focusing, this method has helped them win 4 games. Although the outside world believes that Newton will return after the trip, the insider means that the Black Leopard is not sure if it is true. Newton may not be trained next week.

In addition to the back injury, Hall has also been invaded by hedges tendon, plus 31 years old, is inevitable will be cold in the free market. However, Hall last season in Cincinnati, the tiger is not good, proves that he is still a good slot, and can still have a place in the alliance. It is reported that in addition to cowboy and rickets, the dolphins are also intentional. At present, the front tigers defensive second-line coaches in the dolphins, he may play a key role in the recruitment process, and the Tiger also intends to provide renewal contracts. At present, there is no substantial progress in dolphins is that Hall is relatively high, Hall hopes to win the last big contract for their careers.

According to nfl Jerseys official website reporters, this season will be critical to Chuck Pagano, if you can’t achieve good results, the team’s high-level will be difficult to continue to keep patient. After replacing the Attack Coordinator, he will no longer have an excuse of failure.

Teammates are impressed with Allen’s performance, he has exceeded the external expectations. Newton this season has no health, so the black Leopard decided to make a decision after he completely recovered.

Pony resignation offensive coordinator Hamilton
Indianapolis Pony announced the Top Hamilton on Tuesday on Tuesday Tuesday. The team will pull Rob Chudzinski as a new offensive coordinator. Hamilton guided Andrew Luck in Stanford University. In 2013, he was brought into the team by Bruce Arians. He guided the attack at the 2013 second half of the season and the 2014 season jumped to the top-level offensive team, and the number of attacks in the horsema was in this stage. End, the total score is 6th.

A black panther team has previously revealed that if the team defeated the pirate, then it will maintain the status quo, Allen may continue the first, and Newton will slowly return to the stadium. If the black panther is in the pirate, then everything is unknown, but it may mean that Newton will return to the first after the injury.

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