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The United Unitednly partitioned steel people vs wild horse forward-looking (injury)
After the fight of the outer castery, the Pittsburgh Stebcom was willing to enter the second round of the playoffs, wholesale nfl jerseys for sale and Denver’s Wild Horse has an advantage of the main scene of the first time in Menlian, and welcomes the challenge of the steel people.

In addition to the main force left cut Relien Cretty’s reimbursement for injury season, the wild horse does not have much shortage of injuries. But there is nothing, the small injury is constant. The team attacked two-wire, and the players were absent from the small injuries. External hand Sanders and Strong Tj Ward’s ankle, external Thomas’s wrist, running guards CJ Anderson and outside Wall back & hellip; & hellip; these small injuries are constantly affecting the state of the wild horse, this It is also an important reason why the whole season is high. The most injurious effect should be the main four-point guard of this game, the main force of Patton – Manning. Due to the injury of the foot, Manning missed the last six games in the regular season, and the submatch was returned to death, and the wild horse is still a disadvantage?

The steel man in this season can be described as a housing leak and a night rain. At the beginning of the season, the main playing the ball Chou En-Sarkam’s reimbursement disrupted the entire plan of the steel man’s special group, and later changed two players, the steel man’s arbitrary ball shot and additional shot Stable. And this is just the beginning of this season’s steel person’s injury frenzy & hellip; & hellip; main running Weidian – Bell due to knee injury again reimbursement, offensive front line general Marcus – Ponxi, Kelvin – Beam, Mike Adam successfully reimbursed season, and the sharp line of the steel man who once had a storm was beaten from the front line. In the four-point guard, this-Rotarisberg has continuously lacking four games in the season because the knee injury is lacking, and the four-point bathroom is also injured in these four games. Steel people have to Enable the third fourth part of Tolan Delhi – Jones. Although “Big Ben” finally returned, he was injured once again in the ninth week of the raid competition. In the next week’s game, Jones also spurt the ankle, “big book” has to take injuries again, this time he insisted on the end of the season. In the outer card, the Tiger line Weibuite has rudely wounded “big book” and Brown, and also covered a shadow cheap jerseys for sale the next game of the steel man.

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