Martinez will be working with Blizzard’s communications

Blizzard entertainment has hired its first ever Vice President as Head of Culture WoTLK Gold. He will help make this World of Warcraft company have an even more “diverse, equitable, and diverse workplace culture.”

Jessica Martinez has joined Blizzard to be a part of the team to empower workers to feel they are able to “learn the skills, expand their knowledge, and bring their best selves to their work,” Blizzard said in a blog post.

Martinez had previously worked at The Walt Disney Company for more than 14 years as its Chief of Staff and as its strategic advisor for The Parks & Resorts division.

“Jessica and the Blizzard leadership team are responsible for developing and implementing our culture plan and ensuring that it is aligned across all functions and teams while also rethinking and improving our program for developing and enhancing talent,” the company said in a statement.

Martinez made her own statement “When you create a people-first environment where teams feel safe loved and appreciated and work in concert towards a common goal Everyone is happy- the employees, the athletes, and the business.”

Martinez will be working with Blizzard’s communications, events, and the leaders of the company’s franchise teams. “Making the ideals that we have derived from our connections visible in what we do is how we bring the human touch back into the workplace,” Martinez said.

Martinez’s hire Martinez occurs at a volatile time for Blizzard and parent organization Activision Blizzard. For the past year Blizzard has made headlines due to problems with workplace culture. In Blizzard specifically the company was able to dismiss several developers and directors, including World of Warcraft ‘s director.

Ex- Blizzard chief J. Allen Brack stepped down in 2021 because of a federal state of California cheap WoTLK Classic Gold lawsuit that alleges a widespread culture of discrimination, harassment, and sexual harassment at Activision Blizzard. A replacement for him, Jen Oneal, left her position as co-president after only three months. it was later discovered that she was not offered equal pay until she resigned.

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