Marvel Spider-Man: How to Find and Beat All Bosses?

Marvel took the initiative of bringing their iconic superhero Spider-Man into the virtual world in 2018, and from then the game is bringing fun alongside reminiscence for its players. The virtual world of this game is similar to the reel and comic world alongside the story too. Marvel has filled the game with complexity and players are finding it hard to fight with the main bosses of the game even after two years. Beneath, we have provided a proper workaround for the players who intend to know the ways to beat all main bosses in Spider-Man.

Beat Kingpin

The game initiates with this boss, aka Kingpin, who is working as a diplomat for a major crime syndicate of the Spider-Man world. However, it is easy to tackle him, and players need to aware of a few things. Various minions surround Kingpin, so the player must tackle these minions first. Once the minions executed successfully; then players need to attack him by throwing items on him. Players need to keep attacking him with the items consecutively, and after sometimes, a cut scene will be played. This cut scene signifies that Kingpin is finally acquired into custody by the officials.

Beat Shocker

The boss requires the player to fight with him in two distinctive versions; Chase in New York City and head to head fistfight. The first one is quite easy, and players can easily accomplish it. They just need to dodge the Energy Blast attack of Shocker, and they also need to keep an eye on Shocker. Shockers usually ran away, and thus, the mission will automatically fail. Players need to throw items at him alongside; they also need to use the Spider-Web to stun him. Keep on attacking him until he surrenders.

Beat Tombstone

He is an option boss, and players need to use several attacks to tackle him down. The major attack against Tombstone is the spider web, and players should use this attack in distinctive ways. They need to modify this attack into three sections; BombShooting, and Rope. Players need to use all these attacks one after another, and they can also adapt any order of executing these attacks according to their own precise strategic will. Once the cut scene being played, then players should stop as Tombstone is being taken into custody.

Beat Taskmaster

Players first need to complete few challenges before fighting Taskmaster as it’s a standardized procedure. Once players accomplish a few tasks of Taskmaster, then he will spawn in front of the player. Players need to throw gadgets and items on him instantly and after that use spider web to tie him against any located pillar or wall. Once he beats completely, then he will spawn again, and players need to beat him one more. Repeat the same process to eliminate him.

Beat Vulture and Electro

This task is pretty intricate, as both of these two are hard to tackle. Fortunately, the game offers the player a chance to kill both of them separately. Those who are not familiar with these two, they are the flying villains of Spider-Man world with heavy attacks efficiency.  It is suggested for the players to first go for the option of Electro and then proceed to eliminate Vulture.

Players need to stun Electro by web attack and tie him against the generator from which he is recharging himself. Once it is done, then players need to throw items on him consecutively, and in some time, he will surrender. Now players need to head towards Vulture and should defend themselves from his attack of Swooping. Players should use combo attacks alongside web-bomb and shots to inflict severe damage. In some time, he will also surrender in front of Spider-Man.

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