Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: New Gameplay Teaser Reveals Ms. Marvel And Her Splendid Abilities

A new gameplay trailer for the upcoming Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 revealed some interesting further details and hints which have certainly made a lot of hype amongst the enthusiastic fans and community members. Interestingly enough the recent gameplay trailer indeed revealed another new playable character for the game in the form of Kamala Khan, better known as Mr. Marvel.

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Core Marvel fans won’t require any introduction associated to Mr. Marvel, but for the more recent fans, it would be better to know a brief introduction to this awesome Marvel character.

Kamala Khan is a regular college going teenage girl in her day to day life, until some dire need emerges for Avengers, as she takes the role of a super powerful women who can shapeshift her limbs to any structure or enlarge her body parts to a certain extent.

She is pretty inspired by Captain Marvel who Kamala pictures as her role model and this is also a prominent cause to the origin of her character name “Mr. Marvel.”  The month-long slew of teasers and trailers have depicted quite a substantial amount of information, and to it, Mr. Marvel character is also assured to be included to the upcoming Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order.

Alongside Mr. Marvel’s gameplay, her moves and abilities have also been unveiled by Game Informer. Mentioned below are all the recently revealed moveset for Mr. Marvel and players can refer to all the skills mentioned to optimally use this immensely powerful character and assure the win for Avengers.

  • Giant Foot Spinny Thing: While using this move Mr. Marvel will extend her foot and spin her giant foot like a spinning wheel hitting every enemy in her path.
  • Sweet Combo Attack: Mr. Marvel can actually punch quite hard (even breaking a few teeth here and there in minuscule fights), and players will surely be able to utilize this ability with the factor of two as this moves deals combo of punches to enemies while ending with a jaw-breaking uppercut.
  • Super Face Kick: Well the move works exactly how it sounds. While using the Super Face Kick the foot of Mr. Marvel will expand and deal a devastating blow on the enemies.
  • Embiggen: Whenever Mr. Marvel enlarges her hands she uses the term Embiggen, so developers have given a clever Easter egg for all the diehard fans of Marvel.

In addition to the revealed details for the Avengers, Marvel fans would also enjoy the slew f villains like the big evil purple titan Thanos, Ultron, Kingpin and many more. The upcoming Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 would feature all the prominent Marvel characters which would allow players to enjoy all of their favorite characters while accessing the game. Let’s see when would the title launch for fans to actually experience all the exciting playable in the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.

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