Marvel’s Avengers: New Normal Collectibles Locations Guide

“New Normal” is the first mission of “Kamala” in Marvel’s Avengers. Unlike any early mission of the game, New Normal is packed with several hearts pounding situations. In the mission, players have to get the collectibles to move in higher levels of the game. New Normal includes the events of the past five years, and Kamala is curious to know the reason behind Avengers’ disappearance.

Even after the change in Kamala, one thing that remained the same, her love for comics collection. This mission is not just about fun, but it will give a slight hint about the characters to the lookout. Apart from the comics, it is necessary to get some knowledge from the mission. Indeed, knowledge does not provide any bonus, but it will provide additional details about the world. So, here is the guide to locate all collectibles in New Normal.

All New Normal Collectibles

In the mission are no chests available, but intelligence and comics are available in their specific areas. You have to find a total of eight collectibles items that include six intelligence pieces and two comics. If you miss any collectible item, you can check it from the “Collection” section.

Jersey City Intelligence 1/6

After getting access to Kamala, start through the rooftops. After learning to scramble up the walls, move to the next wooden roof area. Move inside and get your first intelligence near the grill.

Comic 1: Back Widow 1/5

After getting the first intelligence, move forward until you reach the second zipline. Directly move to the wall and check on the right side. You’ll see the comic on a box.

Comic 2: Ms. Marvel 1/5

In the secret base of Kamala, move right before moving on the second floor of the room. Get the comic lying on the table.

Jersey City Intelligence 2/6

In the secret base of Kamala, drag the cart to reach the second floor. Move to the left side after entering the second floor of the room. You’ll see intelligence on the desk close to string lights.

Jersey City Intelligence 3/6

Once you get the second intelligence, head towards the opposite side of the room. The following intelligence is in the box that is near the blue bean bag chair.

Jersey City Intelligence 4/6

After getting collectibles from Kamala’s secret room, head towards the Hero Park. Move towards some rooftops and avoid the AIM robots. After reaching another post of the roof, climb on the next ledge, and look left side to jump over a barrier to reach on another roof. Move forward on the following roof, and the corner side, and you’ll find the intelligence.

Jersey City Intelligence 5/6

After getting fifth intelligence, keep moving forward. Scramble up on the wall and look on the left side. There’s another roof to climb with a couple of pellets and one folding chair. Your fifth intelligence is on the pellets.

Jersey City Intelligence 6/6

For this last intelligence, you have to move inside the sewer. Make your way but avoid the AIM robots. Move forward, and you’ll see a ledge to grab. Move to the tunnel to climb the ladder. You’ll see the intelligence on the left side of the wall.


Comics and intelligence play a major part in the game. To know the in-depth detail about the game, it is necessary to complete every mission. Marvel’s Avengers is an action game, but players also have to focus on collection instead of eliminating enemies in some missions.

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