Marvel’s Shang-Chi: Rosalind Chao Added into Cast

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings adds Mulan as the mother.

Marvel Studios recruits the actress portrayed as Mulan’s mother in the upcoming Shang-Chi movie. MCU’s Shang-Chi movie has added a new actress Rosalind Chao in their cast team according to the recent reports. It is now apparent that the movie’s cast is rising day by day as the movie’s production is getting near. Rosalind Chao was already chosen for the role of Mulan’s mom in the upcoming Disney movie Mulan. Recently another actor Simu Liu was added as the main hero as well as the movie’s primary villain. The Mandarin’s star Tony Leung also added into the cast.

Another actress known as Awkwafina is also included in the cast just a few days back, but her role is not explored yet. Prior this week, there was some statement that the actress Michelle Yeoh is also getting included in the film’s cast, however, her appearance in the movie is not uncovered yet. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is officially releasing on Feb 12, 2021.

The storyline is hidden and is strictly secretly kept as the movie is releasing next year, and there is too much time left for the promotion. Currently, Marvel Studios is engaged in promoting its 2020’s titles such as Black Widow as well as Eternals. It is likely to happen that as soon as the filming starts the social media and the news sites will be full of movie’s plot details and hidden facts.

The movie’s filming was intended to commence last year’s fall, however, due to some unknown reasons, the production was moved back. Recently a piece of news came explaining that the movie’s leading actress Awkwafina traveled to Australia just a few days back. The news teases that the production might take place sooner since Australia is the place where the movie’s shooting would occur. Marvel Studios rapidly recruiting cast members also teases the probability of beginning production earlier than the planned dates.

According to a news website, Rosalind Chao is the most recent recruited star for the movie’s cast. It is reported that she will be playing the role of a mother in this movie too, and probably she might be the mom of the character played by Awkwafina. Her portrayal as a mom in both movies Shang-Chi and Mulan is a fun fact because she might get famous for the roles of mothers.

As per the basic summary of the film, it is likely to appear that Shang-Chi’s affiliation with her dad would be significantly shown throughout the film. It could match the live-action film’s storyline with the comic counterpart of the film.

In case if the actress Rosalind Chao is portrayed as Awkwafina’s mom, the whole film could be the family-centric. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is going to be the first Asian-front movie in Marvel Cinematic Universe. The cast will be 98% made up of Asian stars, as said by the president of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige. It is a level up for Marvel Cinematic Universe movies since many prior films got a lot of disagreement from the fans for starring white actors for the role of Asian origin characters. Due to the sudden audience interest for unique plots in movies, Marvel Studios is making its storyline diverse as well as including the actors from various races. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is the film that is quite unique and has a diverse storyline than any other Marvel live-action movies.

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