Match Your Stars and Outfit to Steal the Thunder

Okay, so what’s your zodiac sign? We are simply asking you this so that we can tell you what outfit matches with your stars. We know zodiac and dresses might not be something that you would be thinking about together. But trust us, when you choose a dress that your stars want you to wear, you shine brighter than diamond.

So, without wasting anymore time, let’s get straight to the point to see whether jumper dresses or something else should be your go to pick.

· Aries: You like to play it cool but you are not a fan of short dresses or prints. So, you should go for classic silhouettes, patterns, and layering.

· Taurus: This ambitious bull is not a label snob. Since you are a practical and nature lover, you like to wear comfy & flowy outfits.

· Gemini: You don’t like to stay stuck in any one signature style. Be it a sexy dress, comfy jeans or crazy-cool heels; you like them all.

· Cancer: You are a master of sophisticated dress. You like well-tailored clothes and different shades of white.

· Leo: Leos are creative and they dress up for occasion. That’s why Leos are always the centre of attention.

· Virgo: You gravitate towards classic and trendy pieces without showing off too much. You embrace punchy accessories and an extra dose of colours.

· Libra: You are a master of mixing and you always add an extra edge to whatever you wear.

· Scorpio: You are brave, you are bold and you like pieces that help you flaunt your curves.

· Sagittarius: You are polished but not fussy. Also, you like travel friendly clothes.

· Capricorn: You like everything and make head turns when you dress up.

· Aquarius: When it comes to trend, you aren’t afraid to experiment.

· Pieces: Pisces women like soft and romantic outfits.

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