Maxirig Australia Work Box- A Complete Guide

Are you looking for a perfect work box or man basket for your project? Opting for a Maxirig Australia work box with a roof can be an excellent option for you. These are durable and offer better protection.


Work boxes, also called man baskets which, are widely used in every construction project. Well, these things can also be used in areas where it is challenging to find a way to transport workers. Work boxes by reliable manufacturers like Maxirig Australia can help a lot when it comes to safely transporting your workers. They are generally used where your workers need to work at a high altitude. They are attached to a forklift or a crane, based on the height workers need to go. As they play a major role in ensuring workers’ safety while working, you need to make sure you are using a durable work box that can be purchased from a reliable work box supplier.

Work Box’s Major Construction Features

Most of the work boxes are manufactured keeping the below-listed safety construction features:

  • To create a safe working environment for your workers, work boxes come with durable side rails. With this, workers will not fall off the box, even if they swing.
  • Most of the models come with easy-to-use swing-in doors. This allows your workers to enter and exit the basket easily during the tasks.
  • Some come with locking pins. Locking pins are crucial for these boxes as they are used to lock the boxes to a forklift or crane securely. In general, the function of this pin is to keep the box in the desired place.
  • While buying a work box, always make sure that it has harness hook points. Harness hook points are generally used for the balanced lifting of the box. They can distribute the total weight of the work box evenly. The box will remain balanced while being lifted.

Some Amazing Benefits of Work Boxes

As stated earlier, work boxes are quite common in construction sites for glass cleaning tasks of large buildings and mining sites. When you use these work boxes, you can enjoy many benefits. Some of the major benefits are:

  • Work boxes can make the task a lot easier. With this, the transportation of your workers will become much faster and safer. Using makeshift lifts may lead to injuries, but work boxes are safe. With a durable build quality and safety components along with a roof, your workers will feel safe while working at a height.
  • Work boxes are the best alternative to traditional ladders. Climbing up a ladder can take time, and it can be very dangerous. If your workers need to work in an industrial setup, then a work box from Maxirig Australia can be proved to be quite beneficial for them.
  • As they have a highly secure design, work baskets can also be used for rescue jobs. For example, they can be utilized to remove people from burning apartments. That means these products are versatile.

Final Words

It can be said that these work boxes can be very useful in ensuring safety at the workplace during working at elevated platforms and heights. Specially constructed gates in these boxes ensure that your workers will not fall off the box. That’s why they are perfect for any type of work. If you are looking for a reliable platform to buy work boxes made by Maxirig Australia, then it’s time to visit Active Lifting. They have a wide range of work boxes with or without roofs and multiple safety features. Check out the available products now.

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