McDonald’s vs KFC – Which one is a healthier option?

After keeping yourself busy for a week, when you reach the weekend and go to a party with friends, you start the party with a lot of fast food items. And you must add McDonald’s and KFC food items to your party. But what would you like to add from McDonald’s vs KFC? Also, do you have an idea about the calories you will consume in a McVeggie burger? Let’s compare calories in the fast-food items of McDonald’s and KFC and find out the healthier ones.

What are the healthier options?

If you only consider the number of calories for a healthier food item, McDonald’s burgers are better than KFC ones. But this conception goes wrong when you compare McDonald’s fries and KFC fries as KFC fries are healthier than McDonald’s ones.

The number of calories in KFC and McDonald’s food items.

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Veg Zinger- 535 cal

Chicken Zinger- 463 cal

Popcorn Chicken (1 serving)- 273 Cal

Fries (1 serving)- 216 cal


McChicken- 416 cal

Chicken Maharaja-Mac- 488 cal

French Fries (regular)- 319 cal

French Fries (medium)- 638 cal

These are the calorie values of some food items of KFC and McDonald’s. Based on these values, it can be harmful to you to decide on a healthier one as other nutrition values can put your health at risk.

Now you know junk food and fast food are prone to cause health issues. But you can make yourself safe by knowing the correct nutrition values of the food items you want to consume. Google will help you reveal the facts about fast food. Moreover, you are the one who can save you. So eat any food items wisely. Kindly give a vote to your favorite and see the others who like the same from McDonald’s vs KFC.

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