What does MCIOB mean?

Within construction you may come across individuals with MCIOB stated after their name. The MCIOB is a level of membership offered by the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB). The CIOB, established in 1834, “stand for the science, ethics and practice of built environments” globally. The CIOB offer membership and continuous professional development in the hopes of upholding industry standard to a high level of quality.  Their vision is to improve the overall quality of living for those who use and create building that make up our environment. They do this via pushing innovation, driving standards and building talent through the provision of educational services.


Values MCIOB’s withhold

When a member of the CIOB there a particular values and standards you need to demonstrate. These particular values are practiced by the CIOB themselves, and it is expected, that any members of the CIOB strive to meet these values every day.



The CIOB push for high quality standards and the maintenance of professional ethics. They therefore expect anyone within their membership to maintain the same levels. Members are meant to push for high quality work at all times to help improve the overall outcome of construction worldwide.



All MCIOB members must strive towards equality and fairness within any work they do. They must treat others with respect and kindness. If they cannot do this, they are going against the CIOB ethics document.


MCIOB Excellence

Much alike to withholding the a degree of professionalism, MCIOB members must pursue the highest standards. The CIOB actively support this via offering CPD courses and seminars to help train and increase comprehension.



The planet we live on deserves respect, as do the people that surround us. Consider your impact on the world and on society. As a member of the CIOB you are expect to respect all core values of the programme as well as adhere to their vision and mission. If you are unable to do so, this will be reflected throughout your work and you will not qualify for MCIOB.


Benefits of becoming MCIOB

The CIOB is a worldwide institution, respected globally. There is in fact over 50,000 members spread across 100 countries at this current time. Such a reputation does not come from nowhere. In fact, CIOB is so well respected that a membership is comparable with a bachelor’s degree. Becoming MCIOB does in fact have many benefits of its own that it can boast about however. Firstly, members get access to CPD events. Through Continuing Professional Development (CPD) you are able to continuously update your current skill set. Secondly, they offer numerous networking events. Events such as these allow you to meet people with similar goals and interests and can help inspire you to further yourself. Additionally, you can also access newsletters, the online CIOB library and also public online CPD. Finally, one of the most notable benefits of becoming MCIOB is the opportunity to access “tomorrow’s leaders community”.


Tomorrow’s leaders is available for all but aimed at those with little experience working in construction. The idea behind its creation was to help guide and support the next generation of leaders and innovators. All student members are automatically opted in to the programme, however it is open to all. Furthermore, those more experienced members of the community are able to sign up to help provide support and guidance to any student members.


MCIOB online admission guidance

To join the MCIOB membership scheme you need to submit an application, and then following that, submit a professional review. It does take a little bit of work and requires gathering proof of experience and evidence of CPD. However, this application process need not be difficult. Thanks to organisations such as the College of Contract Management, you are able to apply with extra support and guidance provided. The CIOB Chartered Membership Programme is a 9 month course, consisting of 4 modules. Through these modules the college will help support you throughout the whole application process. The modules are as follows.


Construction Technology

This covers areas such as “design and installation of building services” and  “principles relating to work on existing structures and fabric”.



This module covers all this management related, including process, resource and performance.


Business Construction Environment

Through this module you will be taught about various frameworks and legalities. Additionally, it will cover transferable skills and professional obligations.


Health, Safety and Environment

As expected, this module covers risks, strategies and solutions regarding health and safety and the environment in the workplace.


MCIOB, a conclusion

Through the 4 expertly delivered modules, and complete assistance throughout the professional review process, the College of Contract Management really ease up the application process to become MCIOB. There are not many education bodies that provide such an in-depth walk-through of the application process. This makes the College of Contract Management one of the leading contenders for those looking for additional support with their application.


The MCIOB provides a wealth of benefits, and more importantly, is lead by a clear set of admirable values. Anyone within the construction industry recognises the importance of becoming MCIOB, and with the acronym next to your name, you will open up a world of new possibilities.


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