MCU: Some Of The Cinematic Details We Forgot About The Avengers

The Avengers is one of the best superhero film series in Hollywood. It is a highly appreciated film series by the fans. The first part of the film The Avengers was released in the year 2012, and after receiving several positive responses for that film by the viewers, Marvel Studios went to make a sequel to it titled, Avengers: Age of Ultron, in the year 2015. Later, two more films were released after the second part of the Avengers series by the Marvel Cinematic Universe titled, Avengers: Infinity War, which was released in the year 2018 followed by Avengers: Endgame, which was released in the year 2019.

Now the MCU has moved forward but here are some forgotten details about this film.

Hulk History

There are various superhero movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but most of the people forget that Marvel wanted to bring Hulk to life after Iron Man, and also did this 3 times cinematically. The last one was starring Edward Norton as Dr. Banner. This film has not been considered that much to be a good movie in the MCU and largely ignored.

Power Up

According to the first part of the Avengers, when Thor first arrived, he was involved in a small battle with Tony Stark/Iron Man in a forest. Thor threw the lightning through his hammer at Tony, hoping to defeat him, but it boosted the power of Tony’s suit. After being hit by lightning, Tony’s virtual-assistant JARVIS told Tony that the suit is now powered at “200%” – but if you look at the display on Tony’s head, you will notice that the number has exceeded to 475% when Tony strikes back.

World Security Council Leaders

The World Security Council is a dark group of people that are responsible for governing the activities of SHIELD. It is noticeable when 4 people in dark outfits appeared in the film Avengers when they were chatting with Director Fury. The World Security Council includes Jenny Agutter as Councilwoman Hawley. Even though Hawley had links with agent Romanoff/Black Widow portrayed by the actress Scarlett Johansson, she would not be appearing in the upcoming film, Black Widow.

Hulk’s Children

According to one of the scenes in the movie, Dr. Banner told Black Widow that “We don’t always get what we want” in life. This was the first time they both met each other, and this moment was the starting of their romance that remains unresolved across the Avengers movies. Banner once spoke – an illusion to the fact that Hulk can’t have children. It was more clearly explained in the film Avengers: Age of Ultron, where Banner/Hulk cannot live a normal life with Romanoff or others, even if he wanted to.

After discussing some of the forgotten details about the Avengers, we have concluded that there are various such instances where we could not notice some must-noticeable details. For example, in the Hulk children’s story, Loki was still alive, and the transporter pad, which was responsible for transporting Thor or other Asgardian to transport.

Source : MCU: Some Of The Cinematic Details We Forgot About The Avengers

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