MCU Theory: There Will Be 4 Avengers Teams By Phase 5

Most of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes were dead at the end of the film, Avengers: Endgame, but still, this reason is not strong enough to stop the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, Marvel Studios has not confirmed for Avengers 5 yet, but there is a chance that Marvel may consider four teams of Avengers by Phase 5.

In the film Avengers: Endgame, the deaths of Iron Man and Black Widow marked the end of an era. Captain America retired and passed his shield to Falcon. Thor is the only Avenger who has a possible chance to return in the future MCU movies. However, Marvel has already announced the making of new MCU movies like Fantastic Four, Blade, and Captain Marvel 2, but still, has not confirmed about the fifth Avenger movie. There are three films scheduled in 2022 by Marvel Studios and Black Panther 2 is the only movie that has been officially confirmed by the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Do The Avengers Exist After Endgame?

The film Avengers: Endgame did not correctly address the status of the Avengers. This question is still unanswered for the fans and critics. However, in the film Avengers: Age of Ultron, The end of the training for new teams by Captain America and Black Widow was depicted. Endgame did not end with a proper confirmation that the team will continue to exist or not.

Like the Iron Man, Black Widow, and Captain America are eliminated for a good cause, and Thor has decided to go with the Guardians of the Galaxy at the end of the film. The reason for the separation of the team Avengers has not been confirmed yet. Even though Thanos has defeated but still, many other threats can take his place. Hulk is the only Avenger left who can keep some of the superheroes together even after the events of Avengers: Endgame.

Marvel is looking for the replacement of their best Avengers for the new Phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Captain America can be replaced by Falcon because at the end of the film, Avengers: Endgame, Captain America gave his shield to Falcon. Black widow can be probably replaced by the Scarlet Witch, and War Machine seems to be the best replacement for Iron Man. Several other heroes have not been confirmed by Marvel yet like Ant-Man, Wasp, Black Panther, and more. Due to the loss in the leadership department, Avengers currently lacks in this department, and there is a chance that Marvel will include Black Knight in Avengers 5 to overcome the loss of a leader for the team Avengers.

MCU Phase 5 Is Setting Up A Lot Of Different Teams

After the loss of the primary members of the team Avengers in the film Avengers: Endgame, Marvel is planning to include some new superheroes to fill the gap created by the death of their first superheroes like Black Widow, Iron Man, and more. These new characters will be introduced in Phase 4 of the Avengers and based on this; Marvel is planning to create multiple new teams. At the funeral of the Iron Man at the end of the Endgame, young Harley Keener returned to the MCU, who was first introduced in the Iron Man 3 movie. There is a possibility that Keener could play the role of MCU’s Iron Lad.

What Multiple Avengers Teams Means For Marvel’s Future

The multiple Avengers teams could play an essential role in the future and reshaping of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It could also expand the brand and fan-following of the Avengers. It could create a considerable sensation at the box office, and people will look more interested in this concept as they have no idea of the current status of the team Avengers according to the Endgame. This will help the audience to see the new Marvel Avengers teams for several more years.

After discussing all the possibilities of Marvel to form four different teams of Avengers, we have concluded that this may be a great idea by including several new characters to the MCU world. It will not only increase the brand and popularity of the Avengers series but also provide a refreshing Avenger movie experience to the audience.

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