MD of Pet Plast India- Dheeraj Taneja encouraged children to “Drink and Drive” resulting in the death of CFO Alok Gupta.

Pet Plast India ( ) – (Haryana) Managing Director, Dheeraj Taneja Ireo Victory Valley, Golf Course Ext Rd, Sector 67, Gurugram,.

His irresponsible act of serving alcohol to the minors in his son- Aditya Taneja’s 17th  birthday party has costed Alok Gupta’s life.

Apart from working in an electrical manufacturing firm as the Chief Financial Officer, Alok Gupta loved to ride his Harley Davidson on Sunday mornings. But 23 August 2020 was an unfortunate Sunday for Alok Gupta as well as for his family and friends. He met with an accident and died at Cyber City when S/o Damanjeet Singh ( Air India Pilot ) , resident of South Close, Sector 50 – Gurgaon. accompanied by S/o Rajashri Datta resident of The Hibiscus- Sector 50 Gurgaon. were doing drink & drive at over 150 km/hr speed in an Eco sport car and had lost control , went other side of the road and hit Alok Gupta.

Students of DPS School (Gurugram were coming back from the 17th birthday of their friend Aditya Taneja S/o Dheeraj Taneja resident of Victor Valley, Gurugram.

To celebrate the b’ day parties lavishly, Dhiraj Taneja & Kapila Taneja  ( Life Coach ) served alcohol to the minors and after the party was over, on their way back home Dhiraj Taneja also gave them the keys of his car.

Deputy Police Commissioner Chander Mohan of (east), said that Police had sent notice to families to investigate the case and told that as this case involves minors, so this offence is considered as bailable.

Now what? Who will pay for the suffering of those children who lost their father in an accident? Knowing the consequences of serving teens with alcohol and allowing them to drive is a tool to encourage children to do reckless things at a very young age which is completely inaccurate.

If educated people like Dheeraj Taneja & Kapila Taneja perform such acts from a business background, aren’t they playing with the future of kids and neglecting the value of human life too?

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