Meal Delivery Transforms Vegan Lifestyles in 2018

Deciding to live a vegan diet has generally always been difficult, especially in the last few decades. From dining out to cooking at home, finding meals that fit the vegan standard is challenging, let alone delicious and hunger-satisfying. While living a vegan diet can be life-changing for health and wellness reasons, it can result in stressful circumstances or time-consuming attempts that are dissatisfying.

Simultaneously, the Millennial Generation is less likely to cook at home than baby boomers or Generation Y. Common reasons include inconvenience, lack of skills, or antipathy towards cooking. In this study, only 10% of consumers professed an active love of cooking. In a fast-paced and convenience-driven culture, cooking at home has become a novelty. Past grocery store customers are now more likely to order personalized diet food delivery boxes that include a weekly list of recipes and ingredients or pick-up groceries ordered online. Traditional grocery stores have countered this with ready-made meals and frozen ingredients.

Vegan and plant-based diets can be difficult to shop for at grocery stores that focus on ready-made meals. For younger generations that feel less confident in the kitchen for lack of skills or knowledge, vegan meal delivery makes healthy living quick and easy. Instead of having to search for recipes and ingredients, receiving a box of organic plant-based ingredients designed for a week of meals is the ultimate solution.

The majority of households in the United States spend almost 50% on eating out annually. The average millennial spends less than 20 minutes on food preparation daily, choosing to eat out at restaurants and pick up prepared meals instead. However, these often lack nutritional value due to preservatives and added GMOs. Why not save while eating healthier and more delicious meals at home without time-consuming planning or grocery buying? Modern technology has made vegan diets uncomplicated without losing the purpose behind it.

Better than picking up food at the grocery store, plant-based diet meal delivery plans ship straight to your front door. With prepared meals and recipes to guide customers through cooking, vegan meal delivery makes cooking a norm instead of a novelty. Fresh, not frozen, ingredients delivered straight to your home designed for a week of cohesive meals. Living a vegan lifestyle in 2018 is more convenient and delicious than ever before.

Technology has transformed meal delivery for the better, and vegans and plant-based dieters no longer have to settle for boring or non-organic ingredients. 22 Days Nutrition pioneered vegan meal planning and delivery with nutrition-packed, satisfying, USDA organic certified ingredients. Depending on need, they have 5, 7, or 22-day meal plans personalized for any palette or dietary needs. Live a vegan lifestyle to the fullest with perfected nutrition for optimum wellness.

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