Measures Taken To Relieve Footwear Pain In Nurses

Nurses, especially those working long shifts, can experience back pain which refers to pain in the lower back. The pain appears at the spine and can be in different forms: radiating, stabbing, and spreading pain caused by exhaustion from bending or standing for long hours and disappears after rest. Best nursing shoes are mostly preferred because they are comfortable and reduce back pain in nurses. The following article examines some of the measures put to lower or relieve nurses from back pain.

  1. Avoid causes of back pain

Back pain results from the wrong posture of sitting, standing, or walking and can result in spine problems. The best nursing shoes have a design to balance the individual’s body such that when the nurses put on such shoes, they attain the correct walking posture. The wrong choice of shoes can result in severe damages to the body.

  1. Change conditions

Nurses work for upto 12 hours a day depending on their shift, but that doesn’t mean that they spend the whole time sitting or standing. Nurses will stand, walk, run, and climb stairs at some points, and through the changes, they can relax their bodies. They are sitting or standing for too long,which results in muscle exhaustion, thus straining body organs. The best nursing shoes ensure that even when a nurse has to stand or sit for long hours, they still feel comfortable.

  1. Perform different exercise

Nursing is no different from sports since it is all about active involvement in walking, standing, and carrying patients from the beds to the wheelchair and vice versa. Nurses should create time to work out because they might be exhausted from standing for too long and the muscles need some relaxation, and the exercises reduce the back pains. Best nursing shoes are crucial because even when a nurse takes a short break, they can perform short-time activities.

  1. Wear the correct shoes

Nurses must wear the correct shoes for their safety. Best nursing shoes guarantee the nurse’s safety as they don’t have to worry about causing unavoidable accidents. Most nurses prefer to wear clogs because they are comfortable, easy to clean, and free of stains, and thus there are fewer chances of experiencing back pains. The wrong choice of shoes results in distress in the back and feet, thus hindering the nurses’ effective performance. For more reviews, interesting articles, product insight, visit the company website at to learn more and make the right decision.

  1. Avoid bending and sudden movements

Nurses prefer shoes that don’t bend to tie laces or straps, such as the very comfortable slip-on, and nurses do not risk infections from floor spills. Sometimes emergencies may occur unexpectedly; thus, nurses make a sudden rush, but they should be on the lookout to avoid such movements that hurt their body organs.

In conclusion, nurses must first take care of their health before attending to patients to effectively carry out their duties. When nurses suffer from back pains, they may lack productivity at work,which can result in their patients being negatively affected.

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