Mechanical Mine Clearance System Market : Industry Analysis, Opportunity Assessment

Mechanical mine clearing systems have gained immense popularity across several regions Reclamation of agricultural land has become a key trend across a number of countries. The world has come a long way in causing visible disruptions in the topography of lands to fit the needs of a region. The agricultural sector has also been the victim of exploration in a multitude of regions. There have been cases of undue exploitation of farm lands to satisfy the needs of mining and exploration in potentially viable areas. The undisputed need for reclaiming land from miners has led several agriculturists to file petitions and move courts to draw out policies. The quest of environmental activists to support the cause of forestry and agricultural growth has given an impetus to the efforts of agriculturists. For this reason, the total volume of revenues within the global mechanical mine clearance system market is expected to multiply.

Mining activities contribute a substantial share to the economic progress and growth of nations. However, it is vital for government authorities and administrators to keep a check on the viability of these activities. Besides, it is also vital for state administrators to prevent capture of unauthorised land for mining operations. Once governments zero in on unauthorised mining territories, they are required to clear these mining sites with immediate effect. In this context, the total worth of the global mechanical mine clearance system market is expected to multiply in the years to follow.

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Rising Numbers of Defunct Mines

The mining industry is a profit and revenue-oriented sector that can contribute to the GDP of a nation. However, the road to acquiring fruition in this industry is characterised by formidable struggles and discrepancies. A large percentage of mines become defunct as a result of uncontrolled and careful exploration. It is important to clear these mines, and utilise the land for other productive activities. As this trend gathers momentum, the total volume of revenues within the global mechanical mine clearance system market is expected to multiply.

The worth of the global mechanical mine clearance system market is projected to reach US$ 60 Mn by the end of 2030. The CAGR of the mechanical mine clearance system market during the forecast period ranging from 2020 to 2030 is tabulated at 3%. It is vital for governments to assure private land owners of their rights over their agricultural and non-agricultural lands. This necessitates timely intervention in case of undue capture of land for mining.

Global Mechanical Mine Clearance Systems Market: Growth Drivers

  • Environmentalists and agriculturists have together opposed undue mining activities, prompting governments to take a decision on pending cases of unauthorised seizure of land.
  • Exploration activities have rendered negative results in several regions, forcing state authorities to clear the mining sites.
  • Mines that are several decades old have reached saturation, and are not capable of viably producing minerals anymore. These mines are closed and cleared to steer clear of their adverse impact on the environmental.
  • Creation of mining industries and sites is regulated by strict policies and regulations in leading regions.

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Global Mechanical Mine Clearance System Market: Key Companies

  • DOK-ING d.o.o.
  • Digger DTR

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Global Mechanical Mine Clearance System Market: Segmentation

System Type

  • Tiller
  • Flail
  • Robotic Arm
  • Lifter
  • Others


  • Light [Up to 5 Tons]
  • Medium [5 – 20 Tons]
  • Heavy [More than 20 Tons]


  • Military & Defense
  • Humanitarian

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