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medical gas hoses

Medical gas hoses deliver oxygen and other medical gases to patients in hospitals. The hoses are typically used with blenders and other medical gas delivery devices. Medical gas hoses are sometimes called air coil hoses or oxygen coil hoses.

Intended Use medical gas hoses are used to provide a safe method for transferring low pressure medical gases to various medical devices.

Medical gases covered by this range are oxygen, medical air, nitrous oxide and vacuum.

Medical gas hose assemblies comprise a length of hose with a gas specific connector secured with a crimped ferrule at each end. Part numbers for various models are available with the following variables:

  • Gas type
  • Hose length
  • Type of connector at each end

Every medical gas hose assembly is checked for gas specificity and leakage. A test for resistance to axial tensile load is undertaken on a sample basis. Due to the conditions of use, medical gas hoses have a life expectancy of 5 years and should be replaced at the expiry date printed on the device label.

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