Medical Tourism Legal Issues

  • Our legal counsel has carefully crafted our contracts, ensuring these agreements help mitigate your company’s medical tourism legal issues as much as possible during the facilitation process. Each contract covers the agreed-upon terms between the facilitator and the contracting parties. Medical tourism is a business of multi-national interactions. The three primary parties involved – the medical travel agent, doctor, and patient – could be from three different parts of the world. This can result in a jurisdiction issue in the case of legal proceedings. That’s why each one of our pre-made contracts has a “governing law” clause. Governing law refers to the country where your agreement will be interpreted if a dispute or lawsuit arises. Ideally, you want the contracts interpreted in your country. There are spaces on the contracts you can write in your personalized information. These templates are made for facilitators to customize and alter to their liking. If you are interested in acquiring full benefits for your health tourism agency. The Facilitator Gold Membership will be the best option because it gives you access to the contractual agreements, industry certifications, one-year membership, and much more.

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