Mediterranean Cruise Excursions that You Should Not Miss

If you’re on a cruise in the Western Mediterranean, there’s all possibility you’ll be calling on Barcelona. While the city really has so much to offer, we bring to you some of the best things that can be covered in a span of the five to ten hours you’ll have on shore. 

Colombus Statue and nearby

If you’ve taken the Portbus shuttle, and have reached the Colombus Statue, take a few moments to admire this iconic 60-metre tall column with a statue of Christopher Colombus at the top of the pedestal. You could either go up to the top for fantastic city views or instead, satiate your sea interests with visits to the nearby Barcelona Aquarium or the fascinating Maritime Museum. 

Gothic Quarter

Locally known as Barri Gotic, the Gothic Quarter has an old-world charm to it, with narrow cobbled streets and 4-5-storey buildings around its edges, barely trespassed by motor vehicles. Walk through these maze-like streets to explore a fun area of the city, and don’t miss the spectacular Palau de la Musica Catalana – a UNESCO Heritage-listed concert hall, and the marvelous Barcelona Cathedral.

Casa Batllo

When the wealthy Batllo family gave the one-of-a-kind architect Antoni Gaudi a free reign to design their house in 1900, even they wouldn’t have imagined it to look like what it now is. From balconies inspired by Venetian masks to chimneys that look like dragons on its roof and more, this building is an architect’s delight. 

Sagrada Familia

The church that remains unfinished since over a 100 years, the Sagrada Familia must be on your list. While the church was consecrated in 2010, the work on it is expected to be completed only around 2026, with nearly ten more spires yet to be built. Gaudi’s exemplary craftsmanship can be felt throughout the interior and exterior of this massive cathedral.

Park Guell

Most of the city’s attractions boast of Gaudi’s work, and with good reason. Every work of his is a unique piece of art and Park Guell is no different. This Park was envisaged originally as a posh housing project, but it never materialized. Gaudi’s individualistic work can be seen in the famous mosaic tiles, terrace walls, colonnaded footpaths, main terrace and the lower court filled with columns. 

La Ramblas

More than a kilometer long, it’s hard to believe that this tree-lined boulevard, was once a stream. La Ramblas was then paved over and is now the entertainment hub of the city. Whether you’re just strolling about picking souvenirs from the markets of La Boqueria, sitting down to enjoy a tall sangria or relishing the tapas at one of the many bars, Las Ramblas is the perfect end to your visit of Barcelona.


Your cruise-liner may offer shore excursions to see the city, or you might want to explore on your own by foot, by bus or by taxis. Whatever be your choice, the city of Barcelona is a unique capital city and will definitely be worth stepping out of your monotonous cruise cabins.
Kalpesh Mehta is a traveler and has visited many countries. He is waiting to cross ‘Mediterranean Cruise’ off his own bucket list and Barcelona city tour seems to be a perfect fit.

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