Meet The Customer Expectations With Complete Uber For Babysitters App

In the fast-paced world, people are finding it difficult to find the nanny to take care of their kids. Unlike the other apps, there are certain criteria related to the Uber for babysitters app. The app must have both essential and security features in order to gain the customer’s trust. Let us look at the essential features required for a babysitter app.

Profile creation: The app must include a simple registration process. The information related to users and babies must be updated in the app. After this, social media handles can be used for direct login.

Booking: Customers can book as per the slot available in the in-app calendar. Upon booking immediate confirmation is provided by the concerned babysitter.

Geolocation: Customers can find the nannies near their areas using this feature. They can also track the nannies in real-time when service has been accepted.

Security features of the Uber for babysitter app 

Video calling: Customers can set video calls with the babysitters whenever they want using the video calling features.

Geotagging: It is a very essential feature that ought to be part of on-demand babysitters apps. Customers will be immediately notified when the sitter leaves the baby unattended for a specific period. This may sound very complicated but a simple occupancy sensor is all that is needed to make it possible.

Reports:  After completion of every session, customers are sent detailed reports on the baby diet, behavior, etc.

Images: Customers can be sent images at frequent intervals. It is a simple yet effective means to provide assurance that their ward is safe.

Considering the above-mentioned factors it would not be possible to develop and deploy the app from scratch instantly. Even the experienced developers take weeks to develop the app. In the competitive market, there is a need for quick solutions to match the requirements of customers. Entrepreneurs can get the app developed in a jiffy with our amazing clone app solutions. Contact our developers right away!

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