Northeastern India usually is the most unexplored place because of its distance from Northern and Southern India. The lack of resources to explore this beautiful part of our country and knowledge about its culture in mainstream media make it more inaccessible to most people.

To break the stereotype, today, through our blog we’ll take you on an exciting ride to one of the seven sisters of India- Meghalaya group tour.


  1.     Accessibility

Meghalaya translates to ‘Abode of the Clouds’ and is the most accessible state of the seven sisters.

You can easily book a Meghalaya tour package at pocket-friendly costs and explore the panoramic landscapes and cascading waterfalls of the state.


  1.     Adventure in the heart of nature

Apart from the scenic beauty of the state is also popular for the plethora of adventure sports ranging from zip-lining, waterfall rappelling to freshwater scuba diving and much more.

Although the best seasons for water-related activities are considered to be post-monsoon and winter, camping is an all-year activity. You should give camping in the wild forests of Meghalaya a try because it comes with all the fun of dancing and singing in t


  1.     Beautiful rainforests

About 70 percent of the state is forested, which makes it a place of some of the most beautiful waterfalls (Nohkalikai Waterfall, Rainbow Falls, Nohsngithiang Falls, and Elephant Falls are a few popular waterfalls in Meghalaya). Due to the huge presence of forests, the biodiversity of flora and fauna in the state is pretty notable.

Imagine sitting beside a waterfall listening to the sound of water and chirping birds! It can relieve the stress in daily life and provide you with inner peace.

It feels like bliss to be able to witness such beauty in our own country. Maybe it is the reason that the capital of Meghalaya is called the Scotland of the East.


  1.     Rich culture

Meghalaya has a rich culture that usually is remained unacknowledged by a large number of people.

Going on a Meghalaya trip will introduce you to the various Meghalayan tribes and their rich folk tradition and culture. Garo, Khasi, and Jaintia are some of the commonly known tribes.


  1.     Local shopping

Wherever you go to a new place you tend to bring home back a few souvenirs with you. Well, Meghalaya has something hot and spicy to offer you-‘Bhut Jolokia’, the world’s hottest chilies.

Apart from the chilies you can stop by local shops and pack some handmade pickles made from bamboo shoots.

And last but not the least, it isn’t as crowded as other hot tourist spots in India. This makes Meghalaya package a perfect place to begin your expedition to the Northeastern part of our country. But it is soon going to top the list of the most popular tourist spots, so we’d recommend you to plan your Meghalaya trip as soon and possible and book your Meghalaya tour package at the latest!


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