MEGHALAYA TRIP – Best time to visit Meghalaya?

It is not a secret that Meghalaya is among our top destinations. It is located in the highlands of the sub-Himalayas eastern part; Meghalaya Trip is one of the most beautiful states in India. According to Sanskrit, Meghalaya translates into “abode of clouds” and is rightfully named as such. The place is said to be among the world’s wettest spots; Meghalaya sees the hide and seeks games played between the sun and the rain.

Khasi, Jaintia and Garo Hills surround it; Meghalaya offers simple and unspoiled beauty for its guests. Meghalaya boasts stunning natural beauty, waterfalls that cascade, sparkling clear rivers, natural caves, and an enthralling cultural heritage. From the gorgeous waterfalls of Cherrapunjee to the crystal clear streams in Umngot, Meghalaya is an area halfway between the heavens and the earth.

We are awestruck by the idea of visiting Meghalaya repeatedly and would like you to explore the state too. Find out more about this state and the best way to create a memorable Meghalaya trip.

Is it in Meghalaya?


Meghalaya is situated in northeastern India. Trip to Meghalaya was created from the Assam state. Assam shares boundaries with Assam and Bangladesh in the south and west.


Meghalaya Trip: Is it safe to visit Meghalaya?

Meghalaya is one of the most secure states we’ve visited. People are welcoming and always ready to assist you.

Meghalaya is also among the most secure places for women to travel in. Since it is a matrilineal society, violence against women is not as common in the Meghalayan. I’ve travelled on my own throughout Meghalaya in remote locations such as Tura with no anxiety. Meghalaya is among the states that I feel comfortable in solo travel, too.

How do I Reach Meghalaya?

Similar to the other states of the northeast, Guwahati forms the entry point for Meghalaya and Meghalaya. However, Shillong is the largest and capital city of Meghalaya. Therefore, your Meghalaya journey will likely begin at Shillong in Shillong itself.

Shillong is home to an international airport linked by flights to Kolkata, Guwahati and New Delhi. However, the most efficient way to travel to Meghalaya is to land in Guwahati before heading to Shillong.

The closest railway station is Guwahati. There are shared jeeps, taxis and shared jeeps in front of Guwahati Railway Station. Guwahati Railway Station at Paltan Bazar. There are also shared jeeps as well as cabs that depart from Khanapara located in Guwahati. Buses can also be found at the ASTC Bus Stand outside the railway station. Regular buses are also accessible via ISBT, Beltola in Guwahati.


What is the ideal time to go to Meghalaya?

Meghalaya is a tropical region with a humid climate. The ideal timing to travel to Meghalaya is during the winter months that run from October through March. However, if you wish to view the waterfalls in all their beauty, make sure you visit them towards the close of the rain season or shortly following it, i.e. between August to the start of October.

Meghalaya is one such location in India that is stunning during all seasons. Although our favourite season to go is the month of monsoon season, other seasons are also captivating. The time you decide to embark on a Meghalaya trip is based on the kind of trip you wish to experience.

From April to June (Summer)

The weather is generally pleasant at this time of year, and temperatures remain cool. It is undoubtedly a prime season to go on the Meghalaya excursion. It is the best opportunity to be outdoors and explore. It’s also a great time to caving. The waterfalls, however, will be less flooded. The Seven Sister Waterfalls in Cherrapunjee are not visible during this period. Instead, it appears like tiny strips of water flowing down the mountain cliffs during summer.

From July to September (Monsoon)

The monsoon begins in Meghalaya in June. But, after July, it’s the peak monsoon. Because Meghalaya is among the most humid areas on the planet, It receives plenty of rain. The monsoon that occurs at Meghalaya is simply stunning. The landscape is lush and green, and the waterfalls take on a life of their own. The fog and clouds add an aura of mystery and beauty to the spot.

Cherrapunjee Mawsynram and Cherrapunjee are incredibly gorgeous at this time of year. But, you’ll not experience the crystal-clear waters of the Umngot River at Dawki during this period. So, it is also not advised to go for a swim during this period.

If you are a fan of travelling during the rainy season, we would certainly recommend the Meghalaya trip. But be ready to deal with showers at times. So be sure to wear your raincoat at all times.

October through November (Autumn)

It is among the most beautiful seasons to visit Meghalaya. The rains have ceased. However, the effects of the rain are visible with lush greenery all over and vibrant waterfalls. The temperatures are cool and sunny, which is ideal for hikes and outdoor activities.

December through February (Winter)

The temperature remains moderately cold. However, the days can be a little warm. Mornings can be a bit fog-like. Winter is also a great time to get out and explore any outdoor activity such as caving and trekking. It is also an excellent time to go to Dawki. It is possible to see the crystal clear water of the river that Dawki is so well-known for.

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