Meghan Markle Exit: Could It Be Different?

Apart from the outbreak of coronavirus across the globe, another thing which is in the news nowadays is none other than Megxit – the exit of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry from their Royal family. However, an insider shared that the story would have been different if the family members supported Meghan in a bad time.

Both Meghan and Prince will be ceased from March 31 as the working member of the Royal family. However, they have recently finished their final official engagement in the UK when they attended the annual Commonwealth Day Service at Westminster Abbey along with the Queen and other members of the Royal family.

But the couple left their 10-month old baby Archie to Canada to protect him from the dangerous coronavirus outbreak. Meghan, on the other hand, has returned to Vancouver Island to be with Archie soon after her last engagement got over. As her work has done in the UK, she wouldn’t be back there anytime soon.

However, the couple is expected to make Canada their main base as they want a more peaceful life rather than being a Royal. On the other hand, they have kept their UK home Frogmore Cottage and they will pay back the £2.4 million taxpayers’ money what they have spent on renovating.

Notably, both Meghan and Harry will maintain their royal patronages as they are involved in many charitable organizations but they wouldn’t get to use the Royal in their branding. Being born in the US, North America is quite familiar to Meghan but the couple left Britain and settled down in a Commonwealth country – Canada.

In their last programme, Meghan attended as patron of the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) – a role she took over from the Queen way back in January 2019. There she talked to many students from Malawi, India, Cameroon, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Pakistan, Ghana, Rwanda, Kenya, Malaysia and Sri Lanka as well and that too on the issue like sustainability and climate change what the nations are facing right now.

Moreover, a spokeswoman from Buckingham Palace said Meghan ”was thrilled to have the chance to meet inspirational scholars doing groundbreaking work in the fields of climate and the environment, sustainable cities, health and innovation and technology.”

They further added: “As a university graduate who also benefitted from attending with support from a scholarship, The Duchess of Sussex is a strong advocate of accessible education for all.”

After the occasion, Meghan returned to Canada to her son whereas Prince Harry stayed back in the UK for some private meetings. They will be together at the end of the month and from April they will start to make their own income to become independent financially as they will be detached from the royal family by then and they will be reviewed after 12 months as well.

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