Memorable Gifts for Specific Members of Your Family

We all need a soft place to fall—a place to feel safe and comforted and a place to get sympathy and support. Families provide this environment. They let us be who we are and love us unconditionally.

Relationships are what life is all about, so to honor those special bonds we often show appreciation by giving tokens of our love. One meaningful way to convey love is through gift-giving. The following ideas will help you decide how to choose a thoughtful gift to honor the relationship you share with various members of your family.


Gifts for Siblings

If you have sisters or brothers, you’ve likely shared a considerable amount of time together growing up and have developed a level of closeness that is unlike any other relationship in your life. Siblings offer a support system in good times and in bad. They are there to make you laugh like no other and they give your life more richness and enjoyment through the years.

The best brother or sister gifts come in many forms, but you can tell when a gift truly comes from the heart. Touching brother or sister gifts can come in the form of sculpted figures that show your enduring bond, such as artist Susan Lordi’s thoughtful Willow Tree® pieces. Whether you gift artful figures of two sisters standing side by side, a hand-painted wall plaque, or a keepsake box for treasures, there are plenty of ways to express your love and care. In addition, it’s always a nice gesture to send your sibling a handwritten message in a colorful notecard.

Gifts for Grandparents

The love between a grandparent and grandchild is a unique one. A grandparent has the patience required, and the wisdom earned, to pass along knowledge to younger generations. The patriarchs of the family deserve your respect—and a gift that shows such.

Your gift can be as simple as a poem you wrote especially for them or as elaborate as a handmade project that took you months to create. A thoughtful gift could be a touching figure that shows the bond between grandparents and grandchildren—perfect grandpa or grandma gifts. Grandparents are often considered angels watching over our shoulders, so a lovely angel ornament or figure would be well-received.

Gifts for Your Significant Other

Sometimes we take our significant others for granted, but with a gentle reminder to ourselves, we can honor our commitment with a thoughtful gift. The relationship with your spouse is a sacred one, so it’s easy to remember why you fell in love in the first place and pay respect to where you’re currently at in your lives together.

Whether you’re expecting a baby together or have recently had one, a joyful gift of new life is a welcome addition to any family. Artwork or figures that represent this chapter are a great way to commemorate it. And sometimes couples just want to celebrate their love together with a romantic sculpture of their close relationship—this can be a lovely gift to honor your bond as well.

About Willow Tree®

Since 1999, Willow Tree® has offered empowering and inspirational gifts to people across the world. The Willow Tree® collection of intimate and empowering figurative sculptures are based on handcrafted works from artist Susan Lordi in her Kansas City, Missouri studio. The Willow Tree® figures are distinctive in that they are faceless, with the small details in the poses of the figures telling the story and depicting the emotional weight of the sculpture. Willow Tree® also offers other items like keepsake boxes, ornaments, plaques, and more. They serve as memorable gifts for any occasion whether you need memorial gifts, wedding gifts, birthday gifts, or more.

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