Memorable Vacations in Italy—Visiting Italy’s Lake Como

If you’re planning to visit northern Italy, then you can’t miss Lake Como. Be sure to take in all it has to offer, from hiking and exploring the forests to boat rides for enjoying unforgettable views. A luxury Lake Como tour can help you make the most of your stay.

Discover the hidden beauty of Italy on a luxury Lake Como tour:

Lake Como is not Italy’s only lake, and neither is it the largest.But what makes Lake Como so fascinating is its origin. As a glacial lake, it was formed over 10,000 years ago from the melting and movement of a gigantic glacier. And it doesn’t end there—the lake has a characteristic Y-shaped, separating ancient towns with bodies of water.

Don’t miss out on exploring some of the best sites in Lake Como:

  • Bellagio

In the middle of Lake Como’s Y-shaped branches, you’ll find Bellagio, an elegant town known for its luxurious villas—including Villa Passalacqua, Villa Oleandra, and Villa Versace. You can stroll through Bellagio’s winding streets and check out the local boutiques selling top-quality leather goods, clothing, and perfumes.

You can also head to the town center and visit the Basilica of San Giacomo, a 12th-century church inspired by Roman architecture.

  • Menaggio

Want to know what’s on the other side of the lake? A quick boat trip will take you to Menaggio, a charming town home to a gorgeous promenade over looking Lake Como.

Wander through the town and make sure you stop by the Church of Santa Marta—it will be easy to spot thanks to its central location. Inside the church, you’ll find a collection of ancient paintings made in the 17th century.

The lake promenade is also a must-visit, giving you a picturesque view of Lake Como, Piazza Garibaldi, and the colorful houses dotting the town.

  • Lake Como beaches

You don’t have to visit Italy’s coastal regions to find the beach. Lake Como has several in every branch. There’s a scenic beach club in Bellagio, a stony beach in Griante, and a stunning resort in Como.

Grow closer to nature and enjoy the holidays by booking a Lake Como tour with a trusted provider.


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