Men Too can Layer up Bracelets

You can get an amazing and extraordinary look by layering different kinds of bracelets with your outfits. Men along with women have also become aware of how layering bracelets can make them look smart and handsome. Today, men are concerned about looking glamorous and gorgeous similar to women and they also are into experimenting with different kinds of jewelry. Bracelets are one of the most-loved jewelry among men and layering them has become the latest trend among them.

There are different kinds of bracelets for men, but leather and metal bracelets look the best on them. Slipping into multiple bracelets made of leather and metal can transform any man into a handsome hunk. Wearing this kind of jewelry will help you to have fun with any kind look, from bohemian chic to a modern and rugged one.

Layering up Metal and Leather Bracelets 

You can express your style and change your look anytime by layering different bracelets. Think about the looks that you try out with the type of bracelets that you have inside your wardrobe. You have the freedom to rearrange them and pair them as you wish. When you pair bracelets made of different materials, you have an endless number of options to make your wrist look beautiful. Here are some of the tips that you need to follow while layering up bracelets.

  • Pick a Central Point

Start by thinking of the focal point of your look while stacking up bracelets. Choose one bracelet that you want to focus on and then decide the others. Try to pick designs and textures that match and finally you get a sophisticated and fancy look. If you want to focus on leather bracelets for guys, the chosen metal or cuff bracelets to layer.

  • Accentuate and Enhance

When you have decided your focal bracelet, now it is time for you to choose the bracelets that help to accentuate and enhance your look. Try to pick up something that complements not only your focal bracelet but also your entire look. If your focal bracelet is a leather one, then always choose others that are subtle that will give you an understated look.

  • Mixing the Materials

Forget the rules of pairing bracelets made of the same material. When you are layering, everything goes well. Even leather and metal bracelets can look gorgeous together when stacked up together. Rather it is a very interesting combination. Focus on the look that you want ultimately before choosing and layering a variety of bracelets.

  • Incorporate Different Sizes

Size is another important thing when layering bracelets. You can either choose leather bracelets for guys of various sizes or you can choose different bracelets in different sizes according to your final look.

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