Mental Arithmetic for Kids and the School System

No matter what grade they’re on or in what institution they’re studying on, the simple fact remains that lots of students suffer from math. And this is really where mental arithmetic should measure in.


But the issue is, our school system is actually not helping kids achieve the best results because of the way math is taught at college.


The problem with kids and mathematics is that aside from the popular notion that this subject is for geniuses only, the teaching method isn’t actually the ideal strategy anymore- it is not that applicable anymore in the present environment and at the behaviour of their kids now.


The School System


The present and most frequent school system or program that is being used today was formulated through the Industrial Revolution. It was based on Prussia, the leading country during this time, in terms of producing quality factory workers.


The schools system was based on what made these individuals very good in their job. It had been found that what made a good factory worker was their capacity to memorize items for repetitive jobs.


Obviously, although being good in memorization is still a fantastic skill, that will not cut it anymore in today’s society.


In fact, a study from 2004 by the US Department of Education discovered that more than 40 percent of all students registered in that year had remedial math courses. And out of that percent, more than half would fail and finally, drop out of school.


Mental Arithmetic


Because of the alarming rate of pupils failing their mathematics classes, it is not a surprise at all that lots of parents are considering different alternatives to learn math for children.


Mental arithmetic is among the best choices.


When we talk about mental arithmetic, we talk about particular skill sets and methods that would enhance a child’s capability to process amounts and understand mathematical concepts easily.


It’s also a popular means to teach children to improve within their mathematics subjects. The way it works is that it concentrates primarily on the basic concepts. A young child will master these concepts and this will make each other lesson much easier.


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