Meta Cricket League Is Here To Give A Whole New Cricket Experience

We are people who are divided by race, creed, and country but are united by the word sports, especially Cricket. Be it a world cup, a T20, or even a local street or club match, people always enjoy a good game. The popularity of Cricket has brought a number of cricket-based games into the gaming industry. They were brought to the industry for entertainment purposes. But today, with blockchain technology, a number of play-to-earn games are coming out. And Meta cricket league will be the first ever Cricket NFT game that is creating a new history in the world of Cricket.

The Meta Madness

Meta Cricket League is something that is getting an overwhelming response from the cricket and NFT fans. The NFT game is not just like any other video game or NFT game. It comes with fun challenges every day, surprise game elements, and daily earnings for what you play. All you have to do is to own Cricket NFTs from the Cricket NFT marketplace. You have to own one batsman and one bowler to get eligible to play the game. Once you do, it will be cricket mania every day. Every time you score a run and win a match, you earn JT points. And for every point you get, you earn equivalent USD.

The game launched recently, and it is hyping up the community already. The fans who had already started playing the game started earning with tournaments running on a daily basis. The tournament is a series that will have a final at the end. It is a player vs. player game, so people get matched with other players and play the match like a usual cricket game.


The community (the one who bought the Cricket NFTs) was all enjoying the tournament series going on. People are strategically strengthening their teams with players and also signed Bat NFTs. Cricket NFT marketplace is getting crowded after the game launch. If you are someone looking for an NFT project to take part in or an NFT game to give you a passive income by playing games, and Meta Cricket League is the place for you.

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