Metal Drilling: Drill bits you can use

Drilling can be done on a wide range of surfaces. Whether you are drilling on stone, metal, wood or rock it is advisable to choose the right drill bit. If you are drilling into metal, then you ought to choose a drill bit that can drill into metal. 


As frilling into metal takes a lot of work, the last thing you want is a drill bit that would make your work harder. Here, we discuss some of the drill bits you can use for metal drilling. 

Types of drill bits you can use for metal drilling

Cobalt drill bits 

Cobalt drill bits are produced by a combination of steel and cobalt. Due to this combination, the bits are quite strong which makes them suitable for metal drilling. Also, they can withstand very high temperatures during drilling.

Cobalt drill bits can be used to cut through bronze, titanium and cast iron amongst others. Due to the strength of these materials, you might end up damaging any other types of bits you use other than cobalt drill bits. On the other hand, when you get cobalt single drill bits to drill these hard materials, you can say your work is halfway done. Also, cobalt drill bits cutting edges can be sharpened when they become dull without the risk of ruining them. 

While drilling, you can drill at a very high temperature and speed without fear of ruining the bits. Also, you don’t have to consider what metal it is or how strong it is, as a box of drill bits made with cobalt is enough to help you drill it through. 

Titanium drill bits 

Titanium drill bits are produced by coating HSS drill bits with Titanium nitride. The Titanium nitride gives the bits their hardness and makes them thermal resistance to an extent by reducing friction. This ensures that drilling is done at a fast rate regardless of the surface. Also, titanium nitride makes the bits corrosion resistant which ensures they last longer than HSS drill bits.

Titanium drill bits can be used to drill steel, aluminium, wood, cast iron and many more. However, unlike cobalt drill bits, titanium drill bits cannot be sharpened when their edges become dull. When this happens, you can either recoat the bits or replace them.

Which drill bit should you use?

To pick a good drill bit for any drilling activity, you need to consider two things; 


  • Size 


Single drill bits are made in different sizes. We have ½-inch-sized drill bits, ⅜-inch-sized drill bits and ¼ inched-size drill bits. When you are shopping for metal drill bits, you should choose a size whose shank fits your drill. 


  • Drilling surface 


Depending on how strong the surface is you can either use a box of drill bits made with cobalt or one made with titanium oxide. Cobalt drill bits are more suitable for very hard metal surfaces and titanium drill bits for less hard ones.

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