Methods of Responsible Electronics Recycling and Disposal

If you have an old electronic device that you don’t use any longer and want to get rid of, then you must be thinking about what to do with it. Throwing it in the bin will be harmful to the environment, and will not give you any value either. So, here are a few methods of responsibly disposing of it.

  • Don’t throw in the bin: Even if you have a small gadget that you no longer use, you should never throw it in the bin. Even worn-out batteries need to be disposed of responsibly. There are special lead battery recycling Toronto facilities that take old batteries and dispose of them in an environmentally friendly way. So, instead of throwing them in the bin, find out a facility in your locality that can make good use of them.


  • Donate: If your old electronic product is just obsolete but still in working condition, then you can consider donating it to an institute or organization where someone can reuse it. For instance, charitable institutes and training centers are good places to donate old computers, as they cannot afford new computers and their students will have a working gadget to learn practice and hone skills. If you have an old television, you can donate it to an orphanage or old age home where the unprivileged population can have some enjoyable hours. However, if your old TV is not in working condition, then send it to an LCD LED TV disposal Toronto facility to dispose of it responsibly.


  • Recycle: If your gadget is not in working condition, then it would be no use donating it. In that case, recycling will be the only solution left. But many recycling companies just gather old products and dump them in the landfills of other developing countries. Therefore, you need to choose a recycler who can recycle the product in an environmentally friendly way as per government standards.


  • Manufacturers’ takeback program: If your electronic gadget has come to the end of its age, then you can check if your manufacturer has any takeback or recycling program. Many electronic manufacturers offer voluntary takeback programs, under which they take back your old electronics and recycle them for free. Some of them even offer cashback or discount on new product purchases.

Don’t Forget to Delete Your Data

Before you send your computer for Toronto computer recycling or donation, don’t forget to delete all your data from its hard drive. If you are recycling, donating, or reselling your mobile phone, don’t forget to restore it back to its factory settings. Once you do that, all your data, contacts, browsing history, applications, and everything will be permanently deleted from your device, and no one will be able to steal it to misuse.

COM2 Recycling Solutions is a US-based recycler that has been responsible for recycling different types of electronic gadgets for years. If you have an old gadget, just get in touch with these experts and leave the rest to them. They will recycle or dispose of your gadget in the safest and eco-friendliest way possible.

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