Michelle Williams to Return For Venom 2

After the news of Venom returning with a second installment, it is revealed now that Michelle Williams is going to reprise her role in Venom 2. Michelle has usually made an appearance in movies which are critically acclaimed and also has been nominated for four Oscars. She debuted in a superhero movie previous year with Venom. The movie by Ruben Fleischer also introduced Tom Hardy in the role of Eddie Brock (Venom) while Michelle played his romantic interest- Anne Weying.

Venom was not like most of Michelle’s other movies which were mostly well acclaimed by critics. Even though Venom is a fan loved character from the comics, the first solo movie divided the fans. The general verdict regarding the movie was that it had its flaws while still remaining entertaining. Even after getting such harsh criticisms, Venom managed to become a substantial financial hit. Venom also set up a Carnage storyline in the mid-credits, and Sony was quick to show a green flag to the project. Not much information is known about it yet, just the cast of the movie has started to release.

Williams herself confirmed that she is going to reappear in the franchise and expressed excitement to work with the cast of the movie. She also expressed her interests to work with the newly recruited director for the movie Andy Serkis. She also added that Andy had inspired her and she is amazed at how gifted Andy is. Michelle hopes to see She-Venom return so that she gets an equal opportunity in the project.

The sequel is still under development, and not much information is known about the movie yet. The film has not even gotten a release date yet, but it will most likely be released in October 2020Woody Harrelson in the role of Carnage is everyone’s best guess for the sequel’s villain. Even though Carnage is one of the most brutal comic characters, Avi Arad the movie producer stated that the sequel would be PG- 13 rated too. Hardy is also revealed to be helping with the script.

With Anne’s befitting chemistry with Eddie in Venom and Michelle’s skills as an actor, it is no big surprise that she got to keep her role intact. As for Venom 2, it was already known by fans that Hardy has signed for three Venom installments. Other than Hardy, Michelle is the only cast member to be confirmed to appear in the sequel. She had an ample amount of screentime in the first movie, and this could increase if She-Venom features in the movie.

With that being said, it is just anyone’s guess about her role in the upcoming sequel.

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